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4 Star Rewards Working on Submission Works

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4 Star Rewards is a site that allows you to bid. If you want to have fun in bidding, you can join this system. You can join for free and they give you ten free bids you can use in their bid auction site. Learn more about 4 Star Rewards in this post.

How to Use Free Bids

You can only use your free bids when you visit the website. After this, you must need to log in using your 4 Star Rewards username and password. When you are in the member’s area, you can see your bids on the right side of the page but before you begin to start bidding, you must need to know about the penny auction process.

Penny Auction Process

Penny Auction is a system where items are put in an auction. Every member can see the auction and can bid but the rule is 1st come 1st serve basis. The first bid is 1 penny and goes up by 1 penny for every bid.

There are numerous ways in improving your chance but the strategy still depends on you. When you would like to engage yourself in bidding, you must first familiarize yourself on their dynamics and pace so that you will not get left behind.

There are two process on which you can bid. The first one is by clicking the bid button that record your name and you are on the list of highest bidder but if one bid user outbid you, you can click again the bid button to get the item. For the second option, it is about bid butler. It will be the one to do the clicking for you. It will automatically place your bids, but you must give instructions on how many bids you’re willing to give. The system has a timer and when it reaches zero and you are the last bidder, you win!

In addition, bid auction sites are a great way for earning because you get the price when you use the right strategy and you outbid the other bidders but if you want to share this good news to other people and make more money, try to start using Submission Works.

Submission Works: What Is It Really?

Submission Works is universally known as traffic and marketing software. With this type of tool, you can market any service, business or product you have. Using this system gives you the time you want and the income you want to get.

With Submission Works, you will not worry in promoting, sharing and advertising your offer. If you want to keep your private life, you can do it by trying this software. If in the past you are busy on marketing your business and you can’t give much time with your family, this system helps you.

When you sign up with Submission Works, you need a site, seven URL’s, business to promote and $60 every month. These things are all you need to expose your offers on the internet. Regarding the promoting process, you will submit the links on the platform of the system and it will take care of all the process. What you do is to only sit, relax and wait for the results.

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