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Is Big Idea Mastermind a Scam? My Honest Opinion

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Have you heard of the Big Idea Mastermind (BIM)? A lot of talk has been surfacing about it these days. It is believed by many as a marketing system that will make considerable improvements in your business. It was created and developed by Vick Strizheus who earned his millions in internet marketing.

Strizheus goal is to help even the average marketers’ gain access to a marketing system that will help them earn cash. With the system, members are promised the chance to earn from $5,000 up to $10,000 every month for the first thirty or sixty days that they spendin the program. The Big Idea Mastermind’s system also makes use of the Empower Network so it can reach these goals.

These Big Idea Mastermind goals, together with your own goals for your business venture, can be made possible through the program’s five membership levels. You have the BIM Basic Level for a total investment amount of $25. You also have the BIM Silver Level for a total investment amount of $125. Next is the BIM Gold Level which can be accessed with a total investment amount of $625. If you are willing to pay a total investment amount of $1,622, you can join the BIM Platinum Level. Last is the BIM Diamond Level which can be yours for a total investment amount of $5,122. If you are not willing to spend all these cash, your best choice is Submission Works.

Submission Works Will Lead You to the Top

Submission Works are the advertisement tool that can bring you and your business on the top of the food chain. If you are tired of seeing your competitors getting more traffic and generating more income, then it is time for you to try Submission Works and make a change. This change will be brought to you by Submission Works as the program exposes your business to millions of people who are connected to the internet.

With the internet and Submission Works as your allie, you can save yourself from all the frustrations that are felt by many marketers due to their failed attempts to generating income. They have been trying programs and tools that just waste their time and money. Submission Works will not do that to you.

Yes, there is no sense of feeling betrayed because Submission Works will not just feed you false promises of driving traffic, get your money, then just say goodbye. Submission Works will stay with you while you improve your business and beat your competition. Your $60 monthly fee in Submission Works goes a long way. This monthly fee can already bring you real traffic and is very cheap when compared to what you have to spend for Big Idea Mastermind.

All in all, Submission Works seem to be a better option than BIM and other systems that you will find online. This is only where you get a quick return for the money you invested. If you want to spend your money wisely without compromising the success of your business, go for Submission Works.