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Rapid Action Profits and Submission Works Overview

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Looking for some other means to get ahead in the game of internet marketers? Your search has finally come to an end! Rapid Action Profits – yourgateway to incredibly fast and easy way to sell info products.Not only that, this comprehensive marketing system will also help you in establishing your own affiliate sales network as well as in building a large op-tin mailing list of the right prospects.

Rapid Action Profits: Main Features

Here is a glimpse of what Rapid Action Profits has to offer:

  • Automate and Simplify Your Sales Functions–since there are a number of different sales functions for your online business, it would be such a great convenience to have these functions done automatically in a simplified, organized way.
  • User-Friendly Affiliate Management –you have the option to choose whether to sign-up for a conventional affiliate program or to the newer one that does not require sign-ups. Several helpful features are provided for affiliate members as well.
  • Affiliate Tools – it allows you to create a “Tools” page for your affiliates equipped with sample AdSense and peel-away ads, along with sample articles, email ads, and other digital contents.
  • Convenient Sharing of Revenues–partners get paid immediately as sales are made.
  • Quick Viral Traffic Generation – with 100% commission, affiliates get attracted to help your online business grow so fast than you could imagine.
  • Special Commissions for Special Events–this is another great way to encourage more affiliates to do much better for a significant sales increase.
  • Rare Offers–take advantage of potential buyers who got directed into your ad site. Offer them special, one-time offers that they can’t surely resist.
  • Sophisticated, Fresh Templates–highly advanced but easy to use templates you can choose from for your sales pages, download pages, and special offers pages.
  • Verification with Paypal’s Instant Payment Notification – no need to worry because you are now secured from fraud sales. This is done by suspending the display of the download page while Paypal still confirms the payment.
  • Other great features: Other promising features offered by Rapid Action Profits include theft protection, easy split testing, user friendly tools, sandbox testing, easy squeeze page, squeeze bypass, easy filtering, affiliate protection, and customizable system emails.

Comparison with Submission Works

Despite the promising features of Rapid Action Profits, most reviews and testimonials still point out Submission Works as the optimum traffic generator. This is simply due to the following reasons:

  • The Submission Works system has easy to use, built-in online tools for fast, automatic, and accurate internet promotion processes. This allows you to skyrocket your traffic that are guaranteed convertible into sales.
  • Submission Works also includes the said features of Rapid Actions Profits but with more efficient and faster results.
  • The men behind the Submission Works system are seasoned and reputable enough when it comes to optimum-level internet marketing techniques, software programming, and other IT-related technicalities.

Therefore, it is really a good choice to prefer using Submission Works over Rapid Action Profits, although both perform well in traffic generation purposes. See more details as well as some user reviews about these highly advanced online tools by visiting their respective official websites.