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Covert Social Press Versus Submission Works

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Are you looking for the best way that will allow you to get more leads? You need a tool that will be the answer to all of your traffic generating needs so you can get a higher income. If you get it right, only one tool can lead you to the success that you want to achieve at online marketing. Take a look at Submission Works and why it is more effective than Covert Social Press.

What Is Covert Social Press?

This refers to a WordPress theme that is designed by  Cindy Battye, John Merrick, and Soren Jordansen. You have to install the theme first so you can get functions that are similar to that of the bookmarking websites that you can see in the internet. You will need people to join your website in return for them to drive traffic to their own website. Once they are signed up as members, you can now add them as your potential leads so they can be added to your email list. The first thing that you need to do is find an article that you want to bookmark then accomplish some more steps so the bookmarked article can be on your site so it can be shared with your online viewers.

Why Is Submission Works More Effective Than Covert Social Press?

  • While you sit and watch the tutorials on installing the WordPress theme or read the step by step guide at Covert Social Press, others are already getting traffic to their websites via Submission Works. While you are training to learn the tools of the trade at Covert Social Press, others are already getting the return for their investment in Submission Works. Do you really want to go over all this stuff that you may end up not using for your marketing strategy? Submission Works has no videos, tutorials or step by step guide. You do not have to go through all of that when you sign up for your Submission Works account. You do not have to watch videos or master step by step guides. All you get are people who want to pay for your products or services if you use Submission Works to advertise your business.
  • There is no waiting for people to sign up to your site so you can add them as leads to your mailing list. Submission Works will generate leads for you so that people will only go to your websites to purchase what you are advertising. You just have to complete your membership at Submission Works then pay the monthly fee of $60. Once you input the links that you want Submission Works to advertise, you can now sit back and relax as you watch traffic to start pouring into your links.

Why look for other ways to drive traffic into your websites when all you need is Submission Works? Stop watching videos or learning step by step guides that will just lead you nowhere. You need results to be successful and you will get these results only with Submission Works.


Success Using Covert Social Press and Submission Works

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The Covert Social Press is a new WordPress theme that is developed by John Merrick, Cindy Battye and Soren Jordansen. With the theme, you can create a social network or empire. You will have the chance to work on it for only five minutes and have your business going. If you only have little time to build an online business, then this might be for you.

Covert Social Press Overview

If you join the Covert Social Press, you will have bookmarked websites. You can earn with the system but is important that you have an article and bookmark it. To do it, you will only need to follow basic steps. For you not to have a hard time, you will be receiving free tutorials that will help you to know all of the steps. It comes with all the tutorials and training you would need. If you are a member, you can also have a PDF file guide to help you know what sites you need to build and what content to fill them with. However, you need to ensure that people would know about your business. That said, you would need Submission Works. It’s the best turnkey traffic solution to provide you all the  ad services you would require.

Top Reasons Why to Choose Submission Works

This is a real traffic generator that has been around for many years and has been here to help all internet marketers get the exposure they need online. It is a legit ad tool which will help you earn and promote your business. You will never waste any single second with the site since it can expose your Covert Social Press to same-minded people who might also be interested to make money like you. What are the top benefits, then?

  • High traffic: It is proven that you will have high traffic with Submission Works. It truly gives you high traffic so you do not need to worry about anything. It precisely delivers what it claims.
  • Affordability: To have high traffic and multiply your earnings with the Covert Social Press, you only need to pay $60 every month in Submission Works. If you do not want to invest much, then this ad software is indeed for you. Then, anytime, you can cancel your account on it.
  • User-friendly: You will not have a hard time to use the ad system because all you need to do is to log in, submit your links, and that’s it. The rest will be done by the software. You can save much time with it. You do not need to have technical to get the services of the software. You do not need to have SEO skills as well. This ad tool is the best ad service you have been waiting for.

The thing you only need to do is to maintain your website. Lastly, if you are seeking for advertising software that truly works and does not require you to pay high, then do not miss the chance to be part of Submission Works. You can earn high if you combine your Covert Social Press and Submission Works account.

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