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List Viralizer and Submission Works

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List Viralizer focuses on the idea that your lists can be built when you employ viral marketing in your business campaigns. Joe Sanchez is the founding member and he has been in online marketing for nine years already. He maintains that List Viralizer is not a multi-level marketing kind of website.

List Viralizer is a place for advertisements so the members can promote their own businesses and websites to others through text, banner, and html ads. How can you earn money with this advertisement website? You need to be at least 18 years old and you can only sign up for one List Viralizer account.

The commissions for your account can only be paid once you become a member who provided a direct referral. This referral who became a new List Viralizer member must pay for an upgrade so he can gain access to more advertising packages. This is the condition so you can earn your commissions.

If you are not satisfied with what List Viralizer can do and feel that your chances of getting a higher income is limited with this program, then this may not be what you need. Instead, you can get an enhanced chance of earning more if you use Submission Works. If you have not yet heard of Submission Works, read further so you will get an idea on how it can bring a breath of fresh air to your online business.

Get Viral With Submission Works

  • Your links will not be exposed to Submission Works members only. Unlike Link Viralizer, Submission Works have the capacity to expose several links on different platforms. This feature makes Submission Works stand out from other programs. While they are lowering your chances of getting paid a higher amount by just exposing your links to a limited number of websites, Submission Works increases your chances of getting a higher income. It does not advertise on a few websites only because it also reaches out to people who are on different platforms. If you are on List Viralizer to get commissions from referrals, you will find this feature of Submission Works very useful.
  • You have the option to get seven links promoted. If you are promoting several products or services all at the same time, you will find Submission Works a time saver. You no longer have to manage your time just so you can promote all those links every day. All it takes is one Submission Works account and for those links to be given to them so they can start advertising those on various websites.
  • You can experience a fast return on the money that you invested in Submission Works. This marketing tool can already let you experience what it is like to get more online visitors and receive more sales in less than a month of signing up.

Do not limit your income opportunities. The world of online marketing offers a lot of possibilities but you must make sure that you use the right tool to explore those. Submission Works can get your websites go viral as more and more people view them every hour and every day.