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The Power of Two: Bud URL and Submission Works

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Bud URL is about UTL shortener. This system has the combination of URL shortening and metrics. This tool exists to help people come up with a better link than before. Using this system allows you to combine metrics to social media such as Twitter Follower and Twitter Grader. The main reason why this tool was made is to avoid spam.

Metric and Social Media on Bud URL

With Bur URL, combing metrics to social media is so simple. The time you have this system, you can track where your links were clicked. Nowadays, keywords are hard to track and you need to rely with third parties to get full information. Customizing URL’s are also handy but Bur URL helps you.

When you have accounts at Bur URL, you have an automatic referrer list. This means that it refreshes your list so that you will know who the last person who visited your page. You get a fair offer on the system. On the other hand, if you are very much concerned about privacy, Bur URL will handle it. Aside from the automatic referrers list you can have, you can also track their IP’s. Your choice still depends on you whether you want to provide so much information or not. If you want to limit the information that your visitors knows about you, you can still do so.

Apart from this, Bur URL gives you system to track your own Bur URL. They offer you toolbar button so that you have an easy life on creating URL’s you want. It takes one minute to sign up and installing the toolbar button. You instantly become a member after you sign up because you don’t need to confirm an email. If you’re seeking for superb metrics feature, try Bur URL today.

Do More With Submission Works

If you want to make more, then Submission Works should on your list. If you have shortened your URL’s using Bur URL, you can now use the software in generating hot traffic on your website. It does not important what links you want to insert on the system, what’s important is that it will be approved by the saturation checker. If the process is all done, you can surely make a high income.

Submission Works is traffic software but it is totally different to other software. Online, there are tons of generating traffic tools you can find but the number one on search engines is Submission Works. This system never fails in delivering results.

When you combine Bur URL and Submission Works, you will have unexpected results. These two have a great combination that will allow you to earn easier and faster. In fact, only few people know that they can partner their business or account to Submission Works. You’re so lucky because you have found this.

To sum up, Submission Works can satisfy you. It guarantees that you will earn a high income in just a short period of time. If you believe that this tool can change your life and make your business become better and more stable, have your account today!