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Twice Confirmed Traffic vs. Clicksor

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Advertising is an important aspect of any online business. Without it, things may not be easy, especially marketing. If you would look into it, your profits would be affected without a good ad system.  One to discuss today is Clicksor. What is it about? To learn more, find out in today’s post.

What’s Clicksor?

It’s a contextual advertising network from Yesup. It’s based in Canada and is focused in helping average-sized publishers with the traffic they could bring into your sites in the US, the UK and Canada. You should know that contextual advertisers do return these ads based from the traffic results they get from web page keywords and Meta tags. Clicksor offers six types of ad sizes and formats to its publishers. They offer in-text ads, text ad banners, graphical banner, pop unders and interstitial ads and click search box.

The site allows you to place up to three ad units or about two search boxes on a page. They accept adult contents blogs and websites to join them. You can also use Google AdSense with these ads.

Do You Want to Use a Better Advertising Service?

As you see, Clicksor does not offer you many options in terms of advertising your products and services. Without even saying, it may not be enough to promote your offers to your users. If you want to have a better reach to your audience, you may want to use a better ad method offered by Twice Confirmed Traffic. It allows you to display your ads on most online platforms that include press releases, blogs and websites that include social media sites.

When you use Twice Confirmed Traffic, you don’t need to configure your advertisements, but you only need to send your links onto the Traffic Shifter, a function that will then continue working from the time you submitted your links. It allows you to send as many links as you want to market your offers, including your products or services using your blogs, websites pages and landing pages, among others.

If you are into the networking business, you can make more signups by using TCT alone. It will generate tons of traffic into your sites that will then receive traffic from your target audience. When it happens, you can expect to get more earnings from your campaigns and promotions.

To get started, you can sign up for a small amount of only $59.95 for one month. You can promote as many links as you want, as long as they are ethical and do not violate online users.

If you want to get started to using this effective traffic system, you should grab one of the limited slots it offers before they are gone. You should use it if you want to make more money from your online business, even if you are a business owner, an affiliate marketer or just about anyone who wants to convert his or her traffic to sales. Do not think twice. Move forward with your business.  Use Twice Confirmed Traffic for the best results.

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Written by blogmaster777

March 19, 2014 at 11:42 pm