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LeadSmack Media and Submission Works Compared

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You might be struggling with your internet marketing efforts and to date have not been getting all those positive results you’ve been expecting for. Surely, proper product and service promotion is the key to make great things happen, but there are just too many methods out there to promote your offers: mailing list, opt-in page, blogs, websites, and so much more. If you would think of these marketing methods, you might be stressing out since you won’t know how to get focused.

If you’re using blogs, websites, and squeeze pages, social site advertising to promote your offers, you might be spending a lot of money to advertise on those separately. But, if you would use an all-in advertising service that will market you to top online platforms, your destiny could change. Such two services that have been used by many online marketers are the LeadSmack Media and Submission Works. Which is better?

LeadSmack Media and Submission Works Compared

If you’re deciding to choose between them and are getting too stressed right now, check out this head to head comparison of these top services to use for advertising. The LeadSmack Media is an ad network that can help connect publishers and advertisers which can allow you to get that traffic that you are looking for. You will have the chance to make more money through websites. An ad service like the LeadSmack Media can bring advertisers and publishers together. If you’re a publisher, you’re going to get an exclusive access to offers which are not offered by other ad networks say the creators. You’re getting income from the traffic your website gets. You can use the LeadSmack Media to generate income from your website or blog. To think of it, the LeadSmack Media seems to be a good product for you to use.

But, Submission Works do more than that. You will not only get revenues but you can get full commissions from your very sales. You don’t need to divide the profits at all since what you get from your sales is all yours. No matter how big or small your profits are that you can be rest assured that they will all come to your pocket.

The Submission Works can help you prosper in your online business since you will have the chance to promote your offers to top online platforms such as social sites, newswires, and other venues. All of those innovative ad methods are going to be used by Submission Works to help you reach your target market. With a one-time monthly payment of $59 you will get the access to those top online platforms to advertise your offers.

Submission Works Wins the Head to Head

There is no doubt that Submission Works is better than the LeadSmack Media in every single aspect. If you would like to use a proven ad service that has been used by top online marketers in the world, there is no other ad service to use but Submission Works!

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