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Amp Up Solavei Business Results With Twice Confirmed Traffic

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Solavei is one of the most lucrative ways of making money online through selling a mobile service to other users. If you were one of those trying to find a great opportunity to earn online, then you may want to know if Solavei is for you or not. To learn more about it as well as find out what tool you can use to promote this business, check out today’s post.

What Is Solavei?

It’s a mobile service, but in the form of a mobile virtual network operator, meaning that the system does not own its cellular network; rather, the entire service is built using a T-mobile 4G network. Some of its offered plan includes an unlimited voice plan, picture and text messaging and unlimited data, among others. When you use it, you can take advantage of its no average contracts, fees and credit checks. A customer only has to pay about 39 dollars per month, including tax. You can also keep your old phone number using Solavei. Now, if you would share the service with other family members and friends, you may qualify for a free service use.

How Can You Make Money From Solavei?

It is simple! You can make money for sharing it with your close circles and other people. When you recruit a new member, you will receive about five dollars worth of credit per month if your recruits continue using the service. If Solavei is not in your area, you can also earn by becoming a social member.

Just like other network marketing companies, you should make use of a good promotion method that can work to promote Solavei. To do that, you may want to sign up with Twice Confirmed Traffic.

What Is TCT?

An ad solution requires members to pay $59.95 per month or just about two dollars per day. When you become a member, you can submit as many URLs or links on the Traffic Shifter, a feature that works to buy more traffic from converting sources. When it finds out that those sources are working, the TCT team will buy more from them. With TCT, your traffic will not come from only one source, and that’s guaranteed. In fact, you can confirm through the Confirmation Loop, a feature that lets you see if the traffic that TCT buys for you are working to your benefit—making more sales.

That not only you can verify your results, but TCT also allow you to see what programs are trending and converting sales for other members of the site. This way, you can apply their means of promoting their website. With TCT, you don’t only promote several but unlimited links, giving you more chances to make money from your online marketing efforts.

Signing Up Is So Easy

Just fill up the form, and complete your payment. When done, submit your links onto the Traffic Shifter. Then, leave everything to the system to work for you. It is just so convenient and so easy!

If you want to take advantage of the benefits that TCT can give, you should grab one of the limited slots offered by the site today to promote your Solavei business.

Sign up with TCT today!


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February 18, 2014 at 8:49 am

Expose Your Links on Solavei Through Submission Works

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Solavei is located at Bellevue that was founded by a person named Ryan Wuerch. This person is also the founder of Motricity. Morticity is mobile date business that is now making billions of dollars. The fact is that Ryan has experience in owning and managing Network marketing company until he established Solavei.

The reason why Ryan made Solavei is that he wants to help and give happy life to many people. When it comes to the products of Solavei, they offer three smart phones that have activated SIM or only SIM card. Their service provider is T-Mobile for only $49 every month with talk, unlimited voice and text.

Solavei Compensation Plan

Their compensation plan is very simple. It’s a cycle of three people called as trio. When you bring three people on your team, you get trio commission. If you make trio, then you receive $20 every month.

If you have lots of trio’s and you move up, you will be given onetime bonus which is $500 up to $20k. If you like to level up your rank, there will three personal will get your 1st commission and when you make 1st trio’s in 2 months, you receive $50 for each trio but this only available for your 1st month.

Solavei is great company because you only need three people to earn. When you have lots of people on your team, expect to have huge commissions. If you want to happen this, there is tool that can totally help you and that is Submission Works.

Expose Your Links Using Submission Works

If you are searching because you want to boost your traffic as well as your profits, you have a good choice when you have Submission Works. If you have tried many methods and techniques just to market your business but it turned out that you do not get any results, you are in a bad situation. But nothing comes close with Submission Works.

Submission Works has devise ways in exposing your websites. If you check it online, it is available on many forums and there are tons of talks about this tool. This system has great advertisement that was done by marketers.

If you are curious to this software, why don’t you give a shot for it but for you to begin your journey with Submission Works, it is needed that you pay their monthly fee. Their fee is truly affordable and you can afford it without complaints.

There are many people who attested about the legality of this system. Many of their users’ are amazed about their features. Some of them which are beginners are too much happy because they can utilize it without too much effort. Plus, if you want to have the results you are dreaming if, you can get it but of course you need to wit some few days. Even though you just sit, you’re getting result; however, you still need to monitor your links and visit your site. The software will do all your work but you still need to do your part so that you can become successful. Sign up today for massive traffic and great promotions.

Share Solavei and Submission Works: Where Are Your Customers?

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Share Solavei is the name of the official system of marketing that is developed by the company Solavei. It is proud to present itself as a simple plug and play system that will prepare everything for your business, except traffic. It also comes with the option to get either a basic or a pro site.

The basic website offered by Share Solavei have limited features. The pro site or account is another story. There are a lot of tools that are included in this package so an online marketers business can become successful whether in the online or offline world.

When you go pro at Share Solavei, you get to generate your very own leads. You also get access to their presentation automation feature where the Share Solavei marketing funnels will do all the talking and selling of your business. There are also automated emails so customers are always informed of what’s new in the business that you are running.

Share Solavei already handles the follow auto-responders and the email broadcasts that your company needs so your customers will not forget about your business. Now, the only thing that you have to worry about is how to get people to know about your business in the first place. This is where Submission Works can be of great help to you and your income.

Get Your Customers Now With Submission Works

Getting your customers now with Submission Works so you can put Share Solavei to great use is not a problem. Submission Works’ goal is to get the attention of your target audience so they are introduced to your business. Once you start using Submission Works, you will already get your business exposed to people who are spending their online time on different platforms.

That is right; Submission Works is not limited to just one platform. The more platforms you reach in online marketing the better because this increases your chances of a high income. Submisssion Works operate with that goal in mind so you are certain that your business opportunities are enhanced and maximized with this tool.

Submission Works can also maximize your business opportunities in other ways. One of these is the chance to have seven of your links promoted all at the same time. If you are relying on other affiliate programs and websites to earn a living, Submission Works can still help you with that. You just have to spend $60 for Submission Works to accomplish the advertisement needs of those seven sites or pages.

The $60 that you pay for Submission Works will serve as your investment. You will also find that getting back this investment will not require you to guess or wait for months. This is so unlike other programs out there which cannot give you a definite time when you will start getting back the payment you made. With Submission Works, you will not just get your customers now but you will also receive a return on the investment you made in just a few weeks with the program.

High Income With Solavei and Submission Works

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Solavei was founded by Ryan Wuerch. The product of this company is smart phones that have activated SIM card. The fact is that anyone can become a member of this service however it is important that you first know the compensation plan before you proceed.

Compensation Plan of Solavei

The comp plan of this system is very simple. It is a cycle of three which known as trio. When you made a trio, you will be paid $20 every month. This business is very simple at the same time powerful. In order to earn, you need to have people. As you are moving up, you are earning high and they will reward you with bonus.

The best thing is that when you qualify and you make your first trio in just 60 days, you will earn $50 for every trio and not $20 per month. This is a very attractive business opportunity today. If you love the idea that you will earn more, then grab this opportunity. If you want to double your earnings and you want to 100% promote your business, you can use Submission Works together with your Solavei account.

Submission Works offer different tools including advertising, marketing, SEO and traffic. By using this software, you can track down the changes in your traffic. It will also track every person that visits your links. Since it was built perfectly, you will not encounter any problem just do your best in maintaining and updating your site.

In addition, because of the superb battle online when it comes to online business, many online marketers find Submission Works as their top solution in gaining exceptional visibility, growing their business consistently and having a flexible time.

Engaging yourself to online business require you to bring out lots of money because you need to pay for SEO services, pay for modules or trainings that will help you on how to start and many more however, you will not do all of these when you have Submission Works because this system is pack with top features that benefits you.

How Submission Works Work

Submission Works place your links to different sites and search engines. It also monitors your traffic in order to ensure you will have lots of traffic and visitors in your site.  You need to have high traffic because it is your foundation to make great and high income.

The software will see to it that the links you submit will be effectively expose online so that you can accumulate higher profits. The best thing is that Submission Works uses the best innovative concept and platform so that you will compete extremely.

If you do not want to get left behind by these latest features of Submission Works, it is necessary that you take the right step. When you use this tool, you will deliver all your contents to interested people so that you can get many sign ups.

In conclusion, Submission Works is the best system available as of now. If you don’t want to sacrifice anything because you want to make sure of your success and you want to boost your presence on the internet worldwide, sign up with Submission Works now!