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Turn Your Clicks into Profits with Smiley Traffic and Submission Works

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If you are sick of killing your idle time doing worthless surfing on the internet, why don’t you try to use it by joining a pay-per-click online advertising program? You don’t need to be a pro to do this and you surely have all the control over your schedule and choice of workplace.

What You’ll Enjoy from Smiley Traffic

Would you believe that it is very possible to get paid with each click you make? Well, introduce yourself to Smiley Traffic, one of the leading pay-per-click traffic generation programs in the online world today. This site is willing to pay you 2 cents for every 100 clicks you do for their advertising sponsors. Once you sign-up at Smiley Traffic and start surfing your first 50 pages, you will also get amazing bonuses! Plus, you can also make money by participating in the site’s referral program wherein you can earn additional commissions with each referral you successfully make.

This is surely what you need if you want to make the most of your free time surfing the net without knowing much on the complicated matters in the internet marketing business. All you have to do is to subscribe for a free membership and then click and click as you watch profits come, amounting up to almost $300 per day.

Smiley Traffic Quick Facts and Figures

It’s not the number one most promoted online traffic exchange nor the number one in terms of the completing the most daily signups. Yet, Smiley Traffic is proud to say that it ranks number 4 and 5, respectively, in the said lists. Such recognitions are not easy to achieve, knowing that there are numerous other online programs out there that offer similar features both to advertisers and people seeking for an online money making opportunity. That is why it clearly shows that Smiley Traffic indeed has a lot to offer and not just any other nonsense online program.

To date, the site has a total of almost 150,000 online members with an average of 424 new members per week. Smiley Traffic currently shows about 400 daily views in each URL visited through manual surfing and more than 5,000 daily views for every URL on Auto Surf. All in all, the entire Smiley Traffic system holds up to 210,000 manual surf daily views and more than 750,000 auto surf daily views that accumulate a total of over 25 million page views per month.

How about Trying Submission Works?

Smiley Traffic offers both manual and automatic generation of page views for its advertising sponsors. However, when it comes to speed of generating traffic and quality of the collected prospects, Submission Works still turns out as superior. There are several advanced features creatively engineered at Submission Works and that is why it is highly capable of generating massive quality traffic in no time. Plus, it has the capacity of promoting up to 7 links at the same time for each advertiser.

In short, Smiley Traffic is enough as a great choice for small businesses and beginners in the online business and internet marketing. But in terms of large, global businesses that require high-end online promotion techniques, there is no doubt that Submission Works is the choice to be.