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Which Is Better: Hits12 or Submission Works?

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If you are so sick of getting no significant results from your lousy traffic generator tool, then here are two ultimate options to switch to: Hits12 and Submission Works. Both of these can do so much to skyrocket your site visits without requiring you much knowledge on internet marketing techniques at all. What you basically need is to subscribe for an account in any of these traffic generating tools and watch as your profits come one after another.

Main Features of Hits12

The primary offer of Hits12 is its absolutely free generation of website traffic. This site allows its members to use its Auto Surfer to considerably lots of free hits for their respective sites that they want to promote. All you need to do is to count on the site’s 100% automatic surfer, which can deliver ultimately fast website approvals. There is no limit in the number of websites to promote for massive traffic. There is no time limit for the traffic generation as well. Other amazing features of Hits12 include the 12-Second Timer and its 2:1 Surf Ratio. There is also the site’s affiliate program where you can earn extra income by making referrals. In every referral you make, you earn 20% of its credits but you still generate traffic to the website you promote for as much as a thousand hits!

Main Features of Submission Works

As a prominent online promotion tool, Submission Works banners its name for having a team of renowned internet marketers and software developers for giant global companies. Indeed, this powerful internet software has a lot to offer for generating tons of site traffic without the need of numerous time-consuming and complicated internet marketing processes. It has an all-in package so that all your online promotion needs are covered. However, Submission Works only allows up to seven links to be promoted for every subscriber. This number is limited for the benefit of the site’s subscriber and his own website. Nevertheless, this highly advanced marketing tool has never failed to deliver optimum results to its members through its innovative automations and task simplifying algorithms.

What Makes Submission Works Much Better than Hits12?

As users and critics exclaim in reviews and testimonials, Submission Works can generate significantly higher traffic than Hits12 with fast and automatic results. It is just right for them to limit the links to be promoted for a variety of reasons. Besides, it is not really an excellent idea to promote as much links as you want since this could lower the efficiency and performance of the traffic generator.

To find out more about Submission Works and Hits12, simply go to their official sites where you can also make online inquiries. It is also a good idea to spend some time reading top-rated reviews on both traffic generation tools to confirm the features that these two boast of. Lastly, you can also find someone you trust who once used, is currently using, or knows at least a thing or two about Submission Works and Hits12. Through this, you can get different perspectives on finding out which is indeed the best traffic generator.