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Submission Works: Your questions answered

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There have been a number of programs that I have joined over the years that have ended up being an absolute disaster. I, like most everyone else trying to make a living online, have fallen for glitzy sales hype that ended up being a whole pile of lies. As I look back on those programs that drained my wallet dry, I can’t help but wish that someone had been around to answer some of the questions that I had before joining. I wish that there had been a member of these programs who would have been able to see me straight and perhaps assist me in making a more informed decision.

That is why I am going to question some of the most common question I am hearing about the traffic generation program known as Submission Works. I have been talking about this one for a while, but still get questions about it from people in my list. I have chosen the most popular of those and will answer them here as a basic FAQ of sorts.

How many links can I promote? – You are allowed to add up to 7 different links, which can be for any site that you wish to promote. You can opt to market 7 different programs or simply go with one that had a number of different landing or squeeze pages. I like that latter idea as the SW software then allows me to see which pages are effective and which aren’t doing so well in converting.

What is the saturation checker? – If you use traffic exchanges to build visitors, you have probably noticed that there are certain programs that just show up over and over again. If there are 100o different people in Submission Works promoting the same link, yours is likely to get lost in the traffic it generates. The saturation checked will let you know which links are worth promoting.

How soon will I start receiving visitors to my sites? – I started seeing a real boost in traffic to my pages in less than 24 hours. I also received a good number of opt-ins from those arrivals, but there is no way I can say that you will get the same since I don’t know what you are promoting. But yes, you can expect visitors to start arriving quickly.

Is Submission Works A Scam? – My definition of a scam is a program that promises one thing and delivers something else completely. All I can say is that Submission Works has given me everything that they promised on their sales page and more. With that said, I can definitely say that this is one program that is absolutely not a scam.