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Using Submission Works to Promote Automatic Bonus Delivery Links

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Collaboration and affiliation are not alien to the online world. In fact, affiliated marketing generates a great amount of income for many. Because affiliate marketing is the new hype, many websites create an affiliate marketing page where they can sell their products and services. However, with the competition growing larger on the internet as each day passes, it is becoming harder to earn money through affiliate marketing. This is where the Automatic Bonus Delivery Plug-in comes in. Add to that Submission Works, a powerful marketing tool that increases web traffic, and you would have a breezy online life.

Delivering Appealing Bonuses

People love bonuses – extra gifts, free access, a trial version along with a purchase, and many more. For some reason, some people even go as far as purchasing just to get the bonus. The creators of the Automatic Bonus Delivery Plug-in had this in mind when they created it. The plug-in is a powerful tool that allows your affiliate marketing page to stand out from the rest. Your competition would be no match for your offers as the plug-in provides great bonuses that will surely catch your audience by the neck.

Now, there are a lot of affiliate pages that offer bonuses as well, but the Automatic Bonus Delivery Plug-in does something special – it makes things simpler and it builds your database! A database is one of the most important things in an online business because with it, you have people to target. The customer will go to your affiliate page to purchase the product. Once they have done so, they will be given a receipt number. They will be directed to your page where they would claim the bonus and can opt to be in the subscriber list.

You provide them with their purchase and you can even opt to increase the bonuses or provide incentives so they would purchase more.

Submission Works Marketing Strategy

Now that you know about the wonderful Automatic Bonus Delivery Plug-in, it’s time to take your game to a higher ante by using Submission Works, an amazing marketing tool. Here’s what you have to do.

  • Get Submission Works for $59 per month. This allows you to provide seven links and gets you connected to thousands of people across the World Wide Web.
  • Buy the Automatic Bonus Delivery Plug-in. It requires a one-time payment of $19.95.
  • Follow instructions and install the Automatic Bonus Delivery Plug-in properly.
  • Use Submission Works to promote your affiliate page. With the big network it holds, Submission Works would ensure you get high traffic and would also ensure that your links never get ignored.
  • Wait for customers (there would be many) to be directed to your affiliate link, then to your website and watch as your earnings flow!

Submission Works makes sure that your page gets visited as long as the links are provided. You can provide seven links at the same time. Even if the customer does not make a purchase, you still have your website hits to make money out from.