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Become a Successful Mobile Apps Developer with Green App Machine and Submission Works

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It’s a big fact that 1 out of 7 people around the world are now using a Smartphone. It’s also 100% true that there are over 30 million apps downloaded all over the globe each day. As an internet marketer, you’ll realize that you can rely on these stats and make use of them to earn great profits. Find out how.

Say Hello to Green App Machine

Remember these four steps: select your niche, check a few boxes, find a cover photo, and click Go – you can do all of these in a matter of 12 minutes! These four steps are all you need to start earning easy money with Green App Machine in several ways. Designed with multiple tools and amazing features, Green App Machine is basically an online system that includes all the tools and guides you need to build and sell your own mobile apps. If you think it’s too hard to do so, think again once you have this app building machine.Green App Machine comes in a package of software, namely:

  • Green App Machine Core Component – this is where you build your own mobile niche apps in just a few mouse clicks. The mobile apps it creates are absolutely creative, technologically advanced, updated, and highly optimized apps for massive app store rankings leading to thousands of downloads.
  • Keyword Machine – it’s amazing that this app building machine comes with its own keyword research tool focused on app niche research. This will effectively help you reach your target market and make great sales out of it.
  • Green App Premium Theme – turn your WorldPress Blog into an advanced mobile promotion machine with this Green App Machine feature. It allows you to control high web traffic towards your own apps. It also serves as the bridge between the web and smartphones.
  • Tier 1 Training – with hours of comprehensive instructional videos and hundreds of detailed PDF pages, this is what you need to become a professional mobile app marketer. This is also the training module you need to learn the how to’s of the Green App Machine software for the structure of your apps.
  • The 4 Hour Cash Machine – this is the fast-track version of Tier 1 designed for those who are eager to get started right away. In just 4 hours, this summarized training module will show you the way to become a successful builder and seller of mobile apps.

Green App Machine Plus Submission Works

Although Green App Machine offers everything you need to build and market your own apps over the web, it will still be more helpful if you take advantage of Submission Works‘ awesome features. Submission Works is basically a powerful hosted software system, developed to effectively promote your site using up to seven links. Using this system will further advance the great features you get from Green App Machine so that you can highly cut the time and effort you need to spend to earn much more profits. Just imagine these two cost-effective and highly reliable systems working hand in hand for your easy money.