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When I first started in internet marketing several years ago, I was what you might describe as wide-eyed and naïve. I tended to believe every single thing that I read about a program, failing to understand that not all of the claims being made would be legitimate. It took me a few months, and the loss of a fair amount of money, to understand that just because a website is jam packed full of glowing testimonials, it doesn’t mean that they are entirely real. I actually joined one program, based solely on the testimonial on their website, only to have that site vanish in under a month, amidst reports that the owners had made everything up and taken off with all the money.

That pretty much taught me my lesson, albeit the hard way, and I know use various different places to find all the information I need on a new program. Basically, my goal is to see if the testimonials that are placed on the website actually match up with what people are saying all over the internet. If there are glowing testimonials listed on the sales page of the program you are interested in, yet you can’t find a good one anywhere else, that may very well be a sign that something isn’t quite right.

One of the latest programs that was brought to my attention was for a piece of software known as Submission Works. The sales page claimed that it was a powerful piece of software that allowed you to plug in the URL’s you wanted to promote and then allow it to do the rest of the work. The sales page was fairly unglamorous and there were only really a couple of testimonials near the bottom of the page that gave you any idea of the results people were experiencing using the SW software. That wasn’t anywhere near enough to make me drop $59 on a system that I really knew nothing about, so I decided to do a little more homework first.

I immediately headed off in search of independent Submission Works testimonial from people that had tried the program and either succeeded or failed. What I discovered were an incredible number of positive testimonials, with the general consensus being that Submission Works did indeed deliver everything that it was promoting on the sales page. I read testimonial of people who had seen an almost overnight increase in their traffic and sales, with all of them saying that the price they paid for the monthly membership was more than worth the price. The overwhelmingly positive testimonials persuaded me to take the plunge and buy and I have to say it’s the best $59 I have spent in a long, long time. Don’t just take my word for it, though, and go and read some of the many positive Submission Works testimonials that are out there.

To your Abundance,

Frances & Janice Shelton


Written by blogmaster777

December 22, 2012 at 10:48 pm