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Copy vs. Submission Works

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Copy is one of the membership sites that are established to make your life easier when it comes to protecting, storing, and sharing content. If you are seeking for a way to share your content, then the site is suited to you. The membership site will make your life very convenient. Plus, their service is fun and easy-to-use. The site will make sure you will be happy about their service, but did you know that there is software that will make your life easier and give you the chance to earn more money? Yes, there is and that is Submission Works.

Copy Versus Submission Works

If you have Copy account, anyone can have an access to what you share in the cloud. The great thing is that it is not only applicable to computer but it can be used on smart phone, tablet and other devices. You can also have an access with it on Mac, IOS, Linux and Windows.

If you have an account with Copy, you can share folders or files wherein you can choose to share them privately or publicly. You can also make some changes in your contents and there are no file restrictions. You can also share large files from it. Additionally, you have the chance whether you want business or personal plans. If you choose business plans, you can choose from three packages. If you choose the 100GB package, you will pay $399 every year. If you choose 250GB, you will pay $699 every year and if you choose 500GB, you will pay $999 every year. Each of the packages comes with great features without additional fees, but Submission Works is far better than Copy.


Submission Works is a software program that is trusted by many online marketers. If you choose this software, you will have the assurance that you will earn and share everything you want. There are many things you can do unlike with Copy. There are many opportunities you can have with the software than with Copy.

Yes, you can share anything you want with Copy and with Submission Works. On the other hand, Submission Works is preferred and chosen by many people because it helps them in promoting their business. They just need to pay $60 every month and that’s it.

Aside from this, it permits you to promote seven links at a time which in return provide you huge traffic. If you have many products or business, you can promote them easily using Submission Works. Even though you only have one product, you can take advantage of the seven links by submitting seven different ones. You do not need to spend lots of money just to earn high income because you can do it all for only $60.

One of the great advantages you can have with Submission Works is that it helps you a lot with SEO. The advertising software will be responsible when it comes to SEO so you need not to worry. Lastly, Submission Works is not a scam because it is the best advertising tool for many years. Sign up with Submission Works now and make things happen!


Written by blogmaster777

March 27, 2013 at 11:10 pm