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Traffic Punk or Submission Works: Which Brings Better Traffic?

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Traffic Punk is a program by Ryan Hogan. It is known by many as the Manual Traffic Exchange. To get traffic to your own website, you need to show your participation in the program by visiting the websites of other members.

Every time that you log in to your Traffic Punk account, you should view the websites owned by other users so they too, will view your website. Just like the basic principle used in traffic exchange programs, the more websites you view, the more traffic you receive in return. Traffic Punk can give you the traffic for free in exchange for this but you can also upgrade to get more benefits.

Traffic Punk has been around for a while. Is it still effective? Sad to say, Traffic Punk has lost its charms. It is no longer as great and popular as it used to. The traffic generator that is taking the center stage right now is Submission Works.

Beat the Competition; Get the Traffic With Submission Works

If you want to beat your competition and prove that your business is the more successful one, you need to pick Submission Works over Traffic Punk. Traffic Punk is what you will consider as history in generating traffic because it did not keep itself abreast with the new tools and programs being launched. However, Submission Works are the breath of fresh air, the hope for the future of your business.

First of all, Submission Works have added a feature that is not found in Traffic Punk. This feature is the capacity to have multiple links, seven all in all, promoted all at the same time. These links will be delivered with equal traffic so you cannot say that only one link can bring a good income. Submission Works system is built in a way that can easily manage the lead generation of those websites all at once.

Second, traffic exchange is no longer as popular as it used to. Many internet marketers doubt the efficacy of traffic exchanges because it seems that only the other members are getting the tons of traffic. Most online marketers also do not want to be forever tied to their computers going through the websites of other people. Right now, online marketers want a product that will not take away all of their time. This product is Submission Works. It can generate traffic for them even if they are not online. Even if they do not surf the websites of other people, they can receive website hits with Submission Works. Convenience is what you experience when you use Submission Works.

Third, Submission Works always update its database, tools, and resources so you are certain that your campaigns are always fresh and effective. You have nothing to worry about when you use Submission Works. Assurance is yours when you use this tool.

Combine all of these amazing features and benefits that you find in Submission Works and you can clearly beat your competition. The good thing is that you do not have to invest your blood and sweat to accomplish this. You can just leave the work to Submission Works so you can get the traffic and get your competition wondering what your advertising secret is.


Written by blogmaster777

November 20, 2013 at 3:16 pm