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Big Idea Mastermind Academy VS Submission Works

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When you are venturing into online business opportunities, you probably know the importance of keeping a healthy network of people. This feat is never too easy as you will have to really invest time and money plus a huge amount of effort for you to be able to create a large network.

The main activity for internet marketing is the recruitment process. You have to make people join into your network via a series of information dissemination like webinars, email forwarding, and the use of social networking platforms. All of these things are very tricky and time consuming. This is why there are tools like Big Idea Mastermind Academy and Submission Works. But between the two, which is better to use?

With Big Idea Mastermind Academy, you will be guided by the step- by- step formula that the system had created for future internet marketers. It is a lead generating tutorial that will help you with your goal of creating a wide network of people. There are techniques that will be discussed thoroughly which you are able to use for your marketing efforts. But what’s the catch for all of these things? Well first you will have to pay for it. $25 is cheap for everything that you can learn from the program and you will be able to access the tutorials and more offers.

What about Submission Works?

On the other hand, there is Submission Works. For this marketing strategy, you will have to pay at least $59 and you get to have full automation with all the marketing strategies that the program offers. You are not obligated to attend webinars or listen to countless hours of training modules before you can actually start earning from your internet marketing strategy. All it takes is to sign up and pay for the account and you are good to go. No need to neither worry about cramming up to learn about how internet marketing works nor be bothered on how to do it on your own.

So which one is better?

In all honesty and based on the convenience and efficiency of both services, if you are willing to pay for a marketing strategy, Submission Works is the best. Why? Simply because with Submission Works, you will never have to do anything rather than polishing your business and letting the system do the marketing efforts. With Big Idea Mastermind Academy, you will pay less but you will have to spend time learning about how to do it and actually do everything. This would take your concentration away from your business which is a bad idea.

Automating your marketing efforts should mean full automation, meaning you should not worry about doing anything. So when you are going to pay for a marketing strategy, why should you choose something that will make you spend a lot of precious time learning about it? Submission Works is better because it gives you more time to work on your business but at the same time never let you down on your marketing strategies.