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YOBSN and Submission Works: Spreading the Social Buzz

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YOBSN is the abbreviation for Your Own Branded Social Network created by Smart Media Technologies. Just like what YOBSN stands for, this is your personal branded social network. What makes it different from the popular Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook?

Unlike the three popular sites mentioned above, YOBSN allows you the opportunity to earn a commission. You just have to share or promote YOBSN to other people so you can get your payment. 75% of the revenue that is received from the YOBSN members can be shared with you. Do you want to be aboard and earn your commission while YOBSN continues to gain momentum in social media?

If you want to sign up to this, you also have to sign up for Submission Works. It is a tool that can help you advertise YOBSN to people who are not just part of your circle of friends. Even if they are in other parts of the world, you can get them to join YOBSN through Submission Works.

Get the Buzz Around With Submission Works

Getting the YOBSN buzz around is painless and trouble free with Submission Works. If you only have a limited number of friends who you feel are interested to join YOBSN, you do not have to be stuck with this. If your neighbors just ignore your advertising attempts, you do not have to be depressed. You can use Submission Works so other people in your neighborhood, state, and even those on other parts of the world can know more about YOBSN.

YOBSN can easily be advertised with Submission Works for only $60 monthly. If you are promoting other websites, $60 is a low amount to spend for advertising. You can still advertise six other websites so all in all, you are paying Submission Works for the promotion of seven links across the internet world. There is no more additional fees or information to provide to have Submission Works perform this task because everything has been provided during the registration process.

You can do all of these without having to enroll in a training system first with Submission Works. This is a tool that emphasizes the results instead of training you this and that. If you just want to get the results without experiencing information overload in a training program, Submission Works are definitely for you.

You will not spend hours in registering your account with Submission Works. You can also get your links into their system with just a simple copying of a link then pasting it on your designated members’ area. This procedure will only require a few clicks so a computer expert fee need not be added to your advertising expenses with Submission Works.

Submission Works can get the buzz around about YOBSN. You can experience a rewarding advertising experience with Submission Works because you will certainly get a high commission by sharing this new website. If you want to introduce people to a new social media site and at the same time earn commissions, start advertising YOBSN with Submission Works today.