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Submission Works: Far Better Than Crazygood

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Crazygood is your social networking site to connect you to the members of the community and provide them with the chance to make money or earn revenues made by a website. Did you know that this site also gives about 10 percent of its earnings to the charities? So, having that said, you would have the chance to connect, earn money, and donate for the good.

What the Crazygood Says….

According to its creators, you can become part of the community and reap all the benefits of social marketing and networking without the risk of having your personal details sold to other people and be bombarded with tons of advertisements you did not ask for. However, you would need to pay $10 every month to become an active member. They say that you are going to keep the confidentiality of your personal details.

Well, it seems to be a nice platform to connect to the community without compromising your privacy at all. However, this seems to be not that helpful to internet marketers since it only uses social media and the site is limited to a number of people who are not all your prospects or would become a prospect soon. With a very limited option to become popular, the Crazygood seems to be not a good option at all.

What’s Better Compared to Crazygood?

To take a look at all those paid subscriptions for internet marketing, it looks like Submission Works is the most beneficial of all. It would need you to sign up for about $59 a month, higher than the amount you would spend for Crazygood.

But, if you would consider the benefits you would get for using Submission Works, you might be amazed at what is going to unfold in front of your eyes: more traffic and more sales. That’s right!

“Tell me how to get started now.”

If you are serious about increasing your online popularity and not be limited to the members of Crazygood, then you would definitely need to use Submission Works. What you got to do is to pay $59 per month and that’s all.

On your member’s area, submit up to seven website links you are promoting. They may include your Clickbank links, affiliate links, and websites. Be sure to submit your sites to the Saturation Checker, and when they are approved, you would get started in effective online marketing. Using Submission Works to help you increase popularity and visibility online is the most effective method to use. Although social sites such as Crazygood would be helpful to connect to the community, having all those connections won’t be enough if you won’t use an all-in-one ad tool that can include social sites. Just use Submission Works and all you need for advertising will be right in front of you.

Sign up with Submission Works and have many benefits of online advertising at its best. This is the most used ad tools online so you shouldn’t hesitate but get started with the ad tool now. Gain that online visibility you are looking for using Submission Works.


Written by blogmaster777

March 7, 2013 at 10:30 pm