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Twice Confirmed Traffic vs. Peerfly

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If you’re searching for a CPA affiliate network, you might have heard of Peerfly. Currently, it has thousands of members using it for their marketing campaigns. To know more about it, check out below.

An Overview of Peerfly

An award winning network in Florida and has started operations in 2008. They have been the top choice among CPA networkers for their industry standards. If you are a new marketer, you can take advantage of the inventory zip submit offers from Peerfly. You can also make money using it up to $300 per lead using a vast number of verticals and categories around the world.

In addition, you can take advantage of the easy to use dashboard that can show your earnings in ten days, together with the latest and the top offers. You can also see your highest converting offers and recent payments. More so, you will be able to see the latest Tweets and blog posts. You can use just too many things if you would sign up with Peerfly, as you can utilize its dashboard for all the performance you have been doing lately. With it, you can also see hot offers and cash flow. Without even saying, you can save a lot of time that amounts to money, too.

What’s the Best Way to Market Your Business Aside from Peerfly?

To use your money and time wisely, you may want to use the best advertising tool in the world, Twice Confirmed Traffic. It’s an automatic traffic system working while you sleep. You don’t need to spend much time in marketing or promoting any of your online businesses. You can use it to do an automatic campaign for your businesses.

To get started, just sign up for 59.95 dollars monthly. There are no hidden fees ever! With it, you can save money by using its effective advertising platform that works by buying traffic from sources, including social media, press release sites, newswires, blogs and so many more. Using it will expose you to your target market in a flash.

Using TCT, you don’t need to understand any technical jargons. You will only need to submit your links onto the Traffic Shifter that will turn your traffic into money. When they find out the sources are converting, they will buy more traffic from them. On the other hand, you can also check your results using the Conversion Loop, a function working to let you know what traffic sources convert you cash.

Then, you can also check the Confirmation Bay where you will see what offers and programs are trending for other members. With these leads, you can also start your marketing and earn the same or even more than others.

Without even saying, so much you can get when you join Twice Confirmed Traffic. It works far better than CPA networks such as the Peerfly. If you want to make use of your effort, money and time wisely, do not think twice but use TCT.

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Written by blogmaster777

March 20, 2014 at 8:34 am