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Head to Head: TopSurfer vs Submission Works

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Here’s good news to everyone out there looking for a simple, fast, and highly effective way to attract thousands of site visitors and sign ups in no time! TopSurfer and Submission Works: the names to rely on when it comes to state-of-the-art and considerably cost-effective systems for massive traffic generation. See what each of these has to offer for your specific online promotion needs.

Getting a Glimpse of TopSurfer

As a powerful online advertising platform, TopSurfer offers a number of innovative means of gathering a huge amount of traffic to any website based in any part of the globe. Adding to that is the fact that you can actually join the network for free to earn quick cash out of the traffic TopSurfer gives you and of the number of other websites you visit. At the same time, you will also get 100% Free Advertising Credits as you:

  • Sign Up with This Incredible Offer
  • Visit Other Users’ Websites
  • Play Online Games
  • Make Referrals

You have the option to purchase advertising credits as well. TopSurfer offers low prices for you in this case. On the other hand, you can use your advertising credits by sharing yourwebsite to your fellow members, putting up banners and other ads in the TopSurfer network and newsletter, and by displaying your links all over the internet. All of these are summarized as the six different ways to advertise through TopSurfer:

  • Solo Ads
  • Newsletter Ads
  • Link Impressions
  • Banner Exchange
  • Manual Hit Exchange
  • Auto-surf Exchange (optional only)

Getting a Glimpse of Submission Works

There’s no need for you to earn much knowledge and become an expert in search engine optimization (SEO) and other internet marketing techniques to understand how Submission Works basically works. Starting your way to this online program’s traffic generation system is simple –create your account, register up to seven links you want to promote, and that’s all! There’s no any other necessary task left for you because Submission Works will do it all in behalf of you. Imagine how much traffic you could get in all of your seven links at the same time in just a few clicks away through the use of this 100% turn-key hosted software.

Indeed, Submission Works is considerable a game changer in the online promotion tools race. This innovative online platform has increased the standards of what they call “massive traffic generation” into a much higher level. There’s actually nothing much to say about this highly advanced program because it’s process is simple so that you can enjoy a simple online money making routine as well.


There’s no way to deny that both TopSurfer and Submission Works can effectively elevate the stats of your internet advertising activities, especially when it comes to generating lots of traffic. TopSurfer is a good choice if you want to go for free membership to earn online income while promoting your and others’ websites. However, what makes it not so preferable over Submission Works is the fact that you have to do the advertising tasks manually. That is why if your main goal is to generate tons of sales and commissions to the various websites you simultaneously promote online in just a few mouse clicks, Submission Works is definitely the best option that you could ever have.