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A Perfect Combination: Team Elite Responder plus Submission Works

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Have you ever heard about Collective Team Marketing System? Whether your answer is a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’, Let me introduce you the Team Elite Responder, your gateway towards success in your internet marketing endeavors. Take a look on how this collective team marketing system works.

Team Elite Responder: An Overview

Otherwise known as team rotator marketing, the collective team marketing system is a program where a group of online marketers benefit each other as they promote their own online businesses. This is what takes place in the system of Team Elite Responder where the members take the opportunity for the free online business training as well. Here are the main features of the system:

  • Capture Pages – edit one or a few of the system’s sample capture pages to include the link and some info of the site or page you want to promote. You can create your own capture pages for same purpose as well.
  • Auto-response System – you will be provided with a professional salesman or auto-responder that does all the tasks for you 24/7. You may also create your own auto-response message or edit an existing one according to your online business plan and preferences.
  • Comprehensive Statistics–the system allows you to see the details of your site visitors. It also determines and displays your capture page’s type of conversion ratio. Other than that, the team manager releases a monthly team statistics, evaluates the system’s advertising status, and delivers tips on how to maximize commissions.
  • Campaign Tracking – determine the most effective and time-efficient advertising methods through its easy-to-setup ad campaigns.
  • Lead Management – this is the collective team marketing group that allows you to easily view your leads and make some changes of it, include notes, or send emails to them.
  • Broadcast Messages – this feature allows you to send an email to your entire leads or to a part of it, all at once.
  • Email Tracking–through this, you will be able to see the leads that open your emails and actually visiting the links within such mails. There is also the exclusive lead scoring system that can be used to determine any lead’s potential.
  • Aweber/GetResponse–this is an alternative to the given auto-response system. Its main purpose is to automatically load your leads into your own account.
  • Resources – upon free membership, you gain access to the Team Elite Responder’s NEWS section where you can see tips and training modules

Adding Submission Works to This Perfect Recipe

Still aiming for more promising features? Simply avail membership at Submission Works, an absolute turn-key hosted internet tool that can effectively skyrocket your site traffic while almost doing nothing at all. It only takes a few simply steps to get started: visit Submission Works’ official website, sign up and create a complete profile, and verify your membership through your email account. There is so much more that Submission Works can do for you and these features come in a long list. To summarize them all, just remember that with this powerful online marketing tool, you will be able to optimize your traffic and sales generation as you get rid of several repetitive, complex internet advertising techniques.