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Not Only BitBillions? Use Submission Works.

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Are you looking for a way to earn cash on the internet? If so, then you have arrived at the right place online to help you get started. Today, you will learn about an opportunity known as BitBillions. What is it about? If you sure want to make more money online at this very moment, keep reading.

BitBillions Information

According to the company, it is made to change internet business using Bitcoins, an online currency. The company’s parent is the GBBG. It is a group of online programmers that are designing new products which are promising to change online auction, music, books, payment transactions, and so much more. You can make money through BitBillions using a wide array of products and services. You will get your income every month.

You will make money in two ways. One, you will make money through monthly matrix bonuses and revenue shares. The revenue is divided or shared to its members. You will just have to use the service to qualify for the revenue program. Then, you will earn based from your current position in the matrix. You shall also have collected points every month. It means that the more you use the BitBillions service; you will get more revenue shares.

Meanwhile, there is also the monthly matrix bonus wherein you will get the bonus based from the number of people below your matrix. Every member will get three members below then, and then it will continue up to the seventh generation below each one.

Plus, you will get a bonus of seven percent commissions of every recruit you have under your matrix up to the seventh level. It means that the earlier you sign up or join, you will get more shares. Then, there will also be more members under you. You will get about 7 percent bonuses each month. If you would ask what Bitcoins are, they are like online gold which you can mine on the net. You will have only a limited of them circulating around. They can be transferred to another person.

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