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Biznik and Submission Works to Promote Yourself Online

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When you are a struggling freelancer online, what you need to boost your profile is by joining communities that share the same interests as you. Although you can achieve this by joining social networking sites, a more formal way to do it is by joining Biznik.

With Biznik, you get to have the best opportunity to know a lot of professionals from your field of expertise. With this exposure you will access to numerous job vacancies both online and offline. You will be exposed to people, and companies and one of them will be your key towards a successful career. Other members from the community can help you the recommendation that you need to have the best projects.

It is not only that you will have people who can help you land a job when you join Biznik you will also open a lot of other business opportunities as well. You may want to have a connection with the best suppliers of raw materials for any industry that you are in or that you wish to pursue. You may know someone who can give you a specific service that you need to enhance your business. Anything is possible with a good network of people.

How to Join Biznik

There are four levels of Biznik membership that you can choose from. Lite, Basic, Pro, and VIP. A Lite accounts is free and will give you access to enter the site and join in events but will restrict you from leaving comments, messages, and adding your profile. A Basic account for $79 gives you a SEO optimized profile and lets you leave comments on the community posts. A $14 monthly membership fee for a Pro account will let you use all features of the site while a VIP account for $29 a month adds up enhancements for your profile plus placement features all over the site.

Promoting Your Profile Using Submission Works

The best way to gain more contacts on Biznik is to promote your profile very well. For just $60, you will be able to have an effective promotional campaign to help you within the Biznik community. A Submission Works account could make a great improvement in your community status and will create a wider network of contacts. Since you are going to thrive on the connections that you form within the community, making sure that other members will notice you and add you on their contacts list should be your top priority.

Using Submission Works to promote your Biznik profile is the lift that you need to gain more people in your network. Being a member of a big community will make it easier for you to reach your goals. Whether it is working online or offline, having the right connections with people who have the capability to help you with your career is the best opportunity that you should not miss. Join Biznik and crank up your network growth by subscribing to Submission Works. With these two forces together, you will soon find a career that will help you succeed.


Written by blogmaster777

April 4, 2013 at 5:25 pm