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VelvetClix or Submission Works: Which Is a Better Choice?

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As a business owner, you have to seek ways to advance your marketing activities and cope with the tight competition in the industry. The internet could be the best media platform you can opt for, knowing that it is now considerably the most effective means of advertising. Hence, these are two of the greatest options you can rely on when it comes to top-of-the-line online promotion: VelvetClix and Submission Works.

Important Facts about VelvetClix

The general function of VelvetClix, as an online program, is to provide sophisticated and highly efficient internet advertising solutions. Below are more of the important things advertisers should know about VelvetClix.

  • Paid to Visit Links are offered for $1 only in every 1000 visits
  • Paid to Read Ads are offered for $2 only in every 1000 ads
  • A number of special offers for more effective online promotion
  • Fast generation of high quality traffic

At the same time, VelvetClix offers opportunities for those who need to earn good cash online. These people will participate into the online promotion activities of VelvetClix in exchange of commissions deposited into their account. Here are some of the first things these people should know about this promising online income opportunity:

  • Free membership account to start earning great profits
  • Sign up to advertising sites to earn at least 15 cents per site.
  • Join pay to visit links and pay to read mails activities to earn amazing commissions and special offers
  • Many other tasks to choose from
  • Earn 20% of the direct referral deposits by referring others
  • Take the chance for more money making activities and earn higher profits by upgrading your membership account.S

What You Need to Know First about Submission Works

Submission Works is unlike VelvetClix because the former does not rely on human effort to provide utmost online advertising solutions to businesses. Instead, it makes use of internet marketing breakthroughs that can automate the promotion activities at the highest level of accuracy and speed. In other words, Submission Works is the perfect choice if you don’t want to pay anyone for the advertising solutions you need to provide to your clients. It has the ability to generate tons of site traffic simultaneous for up to seven links that you want to promote online. In this way, you can be assured that your ads are effectively delivered to the targeted internet users in just a few clicks away

Another good thing about Submission Works is that it is very easy to use that even a beginner in the online promotion business can make use of it hassle-free. This powerful online advertising platform also comes with user-friendly buttons and content sections that could serve as quick guide as new users explore it. All in all, Submission Works is superior to VelvetClix when it comes to the quality of advertising online. However, you could find the latter the better choice if what matters to you is to earn some cash over the web. Just check out the official sites of these two high-end online programs for promoting businesses or products.