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Video Marketing with Easy Video Suite and Submission Works

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Publishing videos online is a great way to attract people to your websites. With so many viral videos going around the online world, there is a lot of competition. Videos are no longer viewed just for their content too, but the way they are edited and produced creates a big impact to the audience.

Video marketing is also becoming popular, what with the ability of videos to hold the audience’s attention longer than print. In order to create great marketing videos, you need to use a good video publisher such as Easy Video Suite and a great marketing tool such as Submission Works. With this powerful combination, you will surely get all the exposure you need.

Easy Videos with Easy Video Suite

Easy Video Suite is a training system that can be used in your desktop. It can be used to record videos from your computer or your phone and even provides you with the option of optimizing your videos for internet use.

Easy Video Suite allows you edit your videos. You can animate the beginning, which is probably one of the most important parts of your video since it will decide whether you capture the attention of the audience or not.

The Easy Video Suite also allows easy promotion. You can add promotional buttons that link to your social networking sites. The video you produce can be added to your website and viewed in the right format.

Easy video can be used by many. Whether you are a PC or Mac user, you can place the desktop application on your computer. There are also Android and iPhone versions of the application so you can use your phone to record videos and directly upload them online.

Marketing with Submission Works

Now that you have a great video capturing and editing application, you want your videos to be noticed as much as possible online. You can do this using Submission Works. Follow the simple steps below to maximize your video marketing exposure.

  • Sign up for Submission Works. Submission Works cost $59 per month. With that amount, you get to promote seven links. As Submission Works is one of the biggest networking tool, you can get your links promoted to thousands. This would ensure that the traffic you would receive is high.
  • Get Easy Video Suite. It doesn’t matter where you get it. Get the desktop application or the phone application version. You may purchase the $400 commercial or $297 standard license.
  • Start making videos and editing in the Easy Video Suite. Upload them on your website.
  • Get the links and start promoting in Submission Works. You can promote seven at a time.
  • Wait for your links to gain traffic. You do not have to do anything else. Submission Works will bring traffic for you.

Create powerful marketing messages so that you would be able to not only attract an audience to watch the video but invite them to take action as well. With this killer combination, you would generate lots of income online.