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Simple Safelist or Submission Works?

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Are you looking for ways on how to grow your business online? There are various free and paid options on which you can do that. One of the ways is through Simple Safelist. It’s said to get you advertising and other business promotion methods you would need to grow your business. You can promote your business using it and promoting your online opportunity through various options it offers. Want to know more about it? Check this out.

What Is Simple Safelist?

This is another membership site which can allow you to build your online business without following any complicated steps. You can join as a bronze member that allows you to use the service free, but there are also the Silver Member ($5.95/month) and Gold Member (12.95/month). The Silver option allows you to send a general email to various members together with a credit email every day to about 5000 members. On the other hand, there is the Gold option which allows you to send an email to all the members of the site twice per day. With Simple Safelist, you are said to advertise on the spot and allows you to get a specific credit allotment every month. If you help other members promote their websites or businesses, you can get extra credits.

Using Simple Safelist, you will be able to send out emails to people who have the same mind as yours, so you do not need to send out emails to those who are not even under your category or niche. On the other hand, this Simple Safelist seems to be giving you limitations when it comes to promoting your business. As you see, you will have limited options in promoting your business and that you would be limited to promote your business in the site.

What’s the Better Solution Than Simple Safelist?

You will have a better choice if you would choose another ad service that provides you with more choices when it comes to promoting your business—Submission Works. Here’s what you need to know about it.

  • Affordable. Signing up only needs you to pay $60 and you’re good to go in advertising your products and services to millions and not only thousands of people. This fee includes all the ad services of Submission Works. You’ll get exposed to your target market without burning a hole in your pocket.
  • Convenient. When it comes to convenience, nothing could beat Submission Works. It allows you for an easy set up wherein you do not need technical skills at all. Talking about convenience, you will also have the option to choose when you want to work because it will work for you.
  • Freedom. As said, you can select the time when you would want to work, meaning you can enjoy more time with your loved ones. You can spend less time online because Submission Works will do the promotion for you.

There you have only some benefits to use Submission Works in promoting your online business. This is the better choice compared to Simple Safelist. With Submission Works, you can promote your online business to more people online using top sharing sites such as press release sites newswires, social book marking, and other forms of advertising. Get access to all these ad platforms for only $60 per month.

Get started now and sign up with Submission Works. It’s all you need.