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First Week of Testing Submission Works

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I am a firm believer that internet marketing success is not something that can simply happen overnight. Even the best of marketing strategies often take time before positive results can be seen from those efforts. I am always skeptical when a new program that helps internet marketers comes along and claims to be able to help you start getting visitors and making money in a short period of time. That kind of thinking goes against everything that internet marketers have been taught to believe, yet I am here to tell you that it can, and did, happen.

I had seen the sales page for Submissions Works a number of different times, but I was always a little put off by the claims of how quickly the system worked and just how easy it was to use. It somewhat went against what I had always believed to be true about internet marketing, which I had found to be a real job that required real effort. I had also done a little research on the site and it was that which kept bringing me back to the sales page. The majority of the reviews I had read was very much in the positive and seemed to back up the claims laid out on the Submission Works sales page. I decided to finally pay the $59 membership fee, encouraged by the reviews and the fact that the sales page said it was incredibly easy to cancel if you were in any way unhappy with the software,

Once I had paid, I made my way into the member’s area where I was able to very quickly add the 7 links that I wanted to promote. That part really was as simple as the sales page had said it would be, and within minutes I had set up my URL’s to be promoted. The sales page had gone into some detail about how quickly the software would work in driving visitors to your sites, but it all seemed so simple that I still had my doubts. Those doubts were put to rest in less than 24 hours, though, with the stats for all my pages showing a definite bump in traffic.

I was delighted with those results, but thought that perhaps it might be a one day surge that wouldn’t be able to sustain over an extended period of time. That theory was proven wrong when on the second day of promotion I started to see sales come along with the increase in visitors. This really did go against everything that I thought I knew about internet marketing, especially when the leads, followers, and sales continued to climb through the first week. By the end of that week I had made $74.28 in sales, which of course was enough to cover my initial investment. It was also enough to convince me that Submission Works is unlike any other internet marketing tool that I had ever tried before.

To your Abundance,

Frances & Janice Shelton