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JDI International and Submission Works

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If you are wondering about what JDI stands for, these three letters stand for “Just Do It.” JDI is a division of a company that has been in business since 2006, the Emergent Health Corporation (EHC). JDI also offers unique products to people within the US and on other parts of the world as well.

Multivitamin – Multi Mineral With Stem Cell Nutrition Support is the first product that is being distributed by JDI International. This is considered as an advanced supplement that can be taken daily. It contains vitamins and nutrients that can support life and even increase the adult stem cells in the body.

Members can earn money through this unique product via the use of a special referral marketing system, the 4 Tier Affiliate Plan. This plan aims to increase the income of its members as long as they build their own strong and active downline. Affiliate coaching and product mentoring are provided to enhance sales.

The profits can be earned based on the kinds and number of sales made by the members. There is no restriction as to the number of independent business owner that can be recruited. If you want to get more people to help you promote the product being distributed by JDI International, then you have to start using Submission Works.

Earning Money While Helping More People to Become Healthy With Submission Works

  • The first thing that Submission Works can do for you is get more people to be part of your downline. More people on your downline mean more money, right? Widening the scope of your network is not an easy task especially if you do not know where to start. How can Submission Works help you with that? It only needs you to provide the links that will direct your potential downline members to the JDI International page. Once the links are submitted, these will be exposed to different websites, search engines, and social media sites so you are guaranteed massive online exposure. Your chances of earning money are not just limited to the people you know. As long as people are online, Submission Works can reach and help them become aware of JDI.
  • The second thing is Submission Works are not a training program that will require you to learn about how you can get more sales at JDI International. It will not preach about what you should be doing for your business. Instead, it will just work in the background and help you achieve the goals that you set for your JDI business opportunity.
  • The third thing is Submission Works are a hassle free tool that will not demand you to do this and that before you can get people to be a part of your JDI International downline. It will not frustrate you with the need to learn a lot of technical or programming skills first. Submission Works will just drive the traffic that you need to earn more income at JDI International.

You can help more people to become healthier by introducing them to JDI International. This way, you are not just helping them to a healthier life, you are also earning money. Submission Works have the power to do that for you.


Get Rich Online with JDI International and Submission Works

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As an employee with an average income, you surely find it difficult to manage your little budget because most of the time, your income is insufficient to cover all your expenses. Adding to that are the instances wherein you desperately need a huge amount of money but your wallet and bank account could never provide for it. These and more explain why more and more people now opt to spend at least a few hours of the day to do some online tasks in exchange for considerable great commissions. These are also the mere facts why joining the JDI multilevel marketing is a good idea.

Exploring the Main Features of JDI International

Just Do It, or simply JDI International, is a prominent multilevel marketing (MLM) company that is out there to give hope to those who struggle to overcome their tight budget and to achieve financial breakthrough. Take a glimpse of what this online MLM program has to offer:

  • Credible and globally accepted affiliate system – the first and most important factor to consider in an online money-making platform.
  • Great Compensations and Tons of Bonuses – this is what people like you definitely want. Does anyone out there like to go after low commissions for no reason at all? Definitely none.
  • Systematic Profit Calculation and Payouts – profits are computed according to their sales as well as to the promotion results of their affiliate network. JDI International features a user-friendly system that can be used to track and view your earnings. There’s also no hassle in withdrawing your profits when you want them.
  • Product Training and Sales Mentoring – since you need to make good sales to earn good commissions, you have to do your part to become fully familiar with and successfully distribute the products under your account. That is why JDI International is willing to train you to become professional in this area, despite the fact that you are starting out without any background in sales and marketing at all.
  • Unlimited Affiliate IBOs Recruitment – as an Independent Business Owner (IBO) is entitled with franchise rights and can add as much affiliate IBOs as he can.
  • Team Building Support – because you need to build an active team of your down lines, JDI International also offers you IBO mentoring along with the support of the up line affiliates. The purpose of this for the benefit of this MLM company is to maintain the productivity of the IBOs under its network. 

Take Advantage of Submission Works for Optimum Results

In order to take your endeavors to a higher phase, the best thing you can do is to go for the sophisticated technology of Submission Works. Doing so can significantly boost your traffic generation so you could both make great product promotions or sales and recruit a long list of affiliate IBOs at the same time. The steps are so simple to find your way to this incredible offer: visit the Submission Works website and make your account. That’s all you need to start making it really big as an MLM IBO without sacrificing much of your time and effort.