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Mailer Millionaire Versus Submission Works

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How far are you willing to go to be successful in online marketing? How much are you willing to spend to get the results that you need? If you want to go all the way towards the path to success without spending a lot, the best tool that you can use is Submission Works. Submission Works triumph over its competitors and the money earned by its users can attest to the effectiveness of this tool. Here is a take on Submission Works and Mailer Millionaire, one of the programs that you will come across in online marketing.

What Is Mailer Millionaire?

As of the moment, Mailer Millionaire is not open to receiving new members. You have to wait and sign up to their waiting list so you can join the program when a spot opens. It has only been around for six months and you will not find a lot of reviews about Mailer Millionaire online. The program promises to give you 5,000 and even up to 10,000 email addresses in a month. A webinar about the program is conducted by Mark Pheuf and Jon Shugart Luke Sample. This webinar is known as “The 1.2 Million Dollar Affiliate.”

Why Submission Works Are the Better Option Than Mailer Millionaire

  • Submission Works is cheaper. Ask yourself again how much are you willing to spend just to generate income. The first big difference that makes Submission Works your better option lies in the payment that you have to do to get results. Mailer Millionaire will require you to pay $997 for your first month with the program and $297 for the second and following months. That is a lot of money compared to the $60 monthly fee that you need to pay for Submission Works to drive traffic to your websites. Remember that you are in online marketing because you want to earn and not spend a lot of money. You will not experience that in Mailer Millionaire since their membership and the monthly fee is just too expensive. Submission Works is better and more affordable since the $60 fee that you will pay will already include the advertisement of seven web sites. You will certainly save a lot with Submission Works than Mailer Millionaire.
  • Submission Works has a money back guarantee. In Submission Works, you can cancel your membership any time without worrying about penalties or charges that you have to pay for the cancellation. Mailer Millionaire does not provide you with a money back guarantee or a refund. You will not get back what you paid for in case you are not satisfied with its services.
  • Submission Works are faster when it comes to returning your investment. How long do you think will it take for Mailer Millionaire to return to you the $997 that you invested in their program? It will not happen overnight or in weeks. You have to wait for months. With Submission Works, you can already get a return for your investment in mere weeks of being a member.

You can be a successful online marketer without emptying the contents of your pockets. You just have to choose the right tool that can bring real results without being too expensive. Submission Works are what you need to earn money without spending too much for your investment.