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Top 3 Reasons I love Submission Works

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I can’t think of any other internet marketing tool that has brought me the level of success that Submission Works has. Where I used to spend countless hours trying numerous different marketing techniques and strategies, I now simply plug my affiliate links into the SW software and wait for it to perform its magic. If you haven’t yet heard of Submission Works, you really ought to go check out their sales page. It’s an a pretty basic page that just gives you the details of the program without flashing wads of money or fancy cars in your face, promising you untold wealth. You will get all the information that you need from that page, but let me quickly tell you about the 3 things that I live the most about Submissions Works, and which I am sure you will too.

  1.  Affordability – The old adage says that you need to spend money to make money, and that is something that I have definitely found to be true in internet marketing. Sure, there are a ton of free places to put your ads and such, but they tend to become quickly saturated with the same deals and offers. It took me quite a bit of time to get into profit, before which I had to spend a good deal of money in marketing. None of the results I received from those methods can come close to what Submission Works has done for my bottom line. I pay $59 per month for a membership there, but that allows me to advertise 7 different programs for that one low price. My ROI is unbelievable and I have actually ditched some of my other marketing methods that I know will never reach the levels that I have with Submission Works.
  2.  Effectiveness – Submission Works is a program that started working for me virtually overnight. I had my first sale within 48 hours of posting my links into the software, and I was in profit within the first week. Those of you who know anything about internet marketing will understand just how incredible that is, especially since I usually allow a couple of months to see whether or not a particular strategy is seeing results, or of it has to be tweaked.
  3.  Ease Of Use – This is one program that you really don’t have to worry about how it works, especially since all you have to do is copy and paste your affiliate links into the software and you are done. The sales page talks about the code that is used in the software, but to be honest, I could care less how it was written, or which variables were used. All I know is that it took me less than 2 minutes to set up my links, and now all I have to do is keep my pages updated and check to see how many leads and sales Submission Works has sent me while I sleep.

To your Abundance,

Frances & Janice Shelton