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Massive Referrals on Diamond Banners Though Submission Works

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Diamond Banners domain has been registered on September 16 2012. There is no much information about this site on who created or runs the program. This system provides virtual address that is based on Arizona, United States.

Diamond Banners is known as Miljonair or a system that describes as advertising, software and marketing development. According to Mark Moebeus, he said that this program was owned by a person named Cliff Porter.

Full Description of What is Diamond Banners

Diamond Banners don’t have retailable services or products. If you’re a member, you can purchase a position in their 4 available matrixes. Each position has advertising credits that you can use in displaying advertisements.

When it comes to the compensation plan of Diamond Banners, they have 2×2 matrixes. This means that you have 2 member positions and your member can also have another 2 member and so on.  If you are on the top cycle, you earn commission. The 2 member positions can be filled via indirect recruitment and direct recruitment. There are 6 matrixes available on the site and each of them has their own cycle payout.

  • Gold: $400
  • Diamond: $1,200
  • Double diamond: $2,800
  • Triple diamond: $6,000
  • Blue diamond: $10,000
  • Black Diamond: $16,000

Joining Diamond Banners

When you would like to become a member of this site, you need to buy a position.

  • Gold: $100
  • Diamond: $300
  • Double diamond: $700
  • Triple diamond: $1,500

The said amount is one time fee and the good news is that when you’re a member of double and triple diamond, you will be paid through direct deposit but credit cards can’t be used at these levels.  The program does not give any restrictions on what position you want to purchase but it is recommended that you use a different username for every position you purchase.

You can earn with Diamond Banners if you recruit many people. You have a small chance of having high earnings if you failed to recruit. The time you purchase certain position, you should ready yourself to recruit because the money you invest will not return to you if you do not do your best.

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