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Amp Up Solavei Business Results With Twice Confirmed Traffic

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Solavei is one of the most lucrative ways of making money online through selling a mobile service to other users. If you were one of those trying to find a great opportunity to earn online, then you may want to know if Solavei is for you or not. To learn more about it as well as find out what tool you can use to promote this business, check out today’s post.

What Is Solavei?

It’s a mobile service, but in the form of a mobile virtual network operator, meaning that the system does not own its cellular network; rather, the entire service is built using a T-mobile 4G network. Some of its offered plan includes an unlimited voice plan, picture and text messaging and unlimited data, among others. When you use it, you can take advantage of its no average contracts, fees and credit checks. A customer only has to pay about 39 dollars per month, including tax. You can also keep your old phone number using Solavei. Now, if you would share the service with other family members and friends, you may qualify for a free service use.

How Can You Make Money From Solavei?

It is simple! You can make money for sharing it with your close circles and other people. When you recruit a new member, you will receive about five dollars worth of credit per month if your recruits continue using the service. If Solavei is not in your area, you can also earn by becoming a social member.

Just like other network marketing companies, you should make use of a good promotion method that can work to promote Solavei. To do that, you may want to sign up with Twice Confirmed Traffic.

What Is TCT?

An ad solution requires members to pay $59.95 per month or just about two dollars per day. When you become a member, you can submit as many URLs or links on the Traffic Shifter, a feature that works to buy more traffic from converting sources. When it finds out that those sources are working, the TCT team will buy more from them. With TCT, your traffic will not come from only one source, and that’s guaranteed. In fact, you can confirm through the Confirmation Loop, a feature that lets you see if the traffic that TCT buys for you are working to your benefit—making more sales.

That not only you can verify your results, but TCT also allow you to see what programs are trending and converting sales for other members of the site. This way, you can apply their means of promoting their website. With TCT, you don’t only promote several but unlimited links, giving you more chances to make money from your online marketing efforts.

Signing Up Is So Easy

Just fill up the form, and complete your payment. When done, submit your links onto the Traffic Shifter. Then, leave everything to the system to work for you. It is just so convenient and so easy!

If you want to take advantage of the benefits that TCT can give, you should grab one of the limited slots offered by the site today to promote your Solavei business.

Sign up with TCT today!


Written by blogmaster777

February 18, 2014 at 8:49 am

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