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Submission Works and WebBizInsider: Which Is Your Better Option?

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Driving traffic into your websites is essential if you want to start filling your pocket with money in an online marketing business. If you do not get people to visit your websites, you have zero chance of getting cash since there is no one who is willing to pay for the products and services that you are promoting. If you want to earn money, you have to select the best tool that can bring the results that you need. Here is a take on two of the programs that are used by many to generate traffic.

Things to Know About WebBizInsider

Matthew Graves is the man behind the WebBizInsider. This is a program that caters to traffic exchange so members can promote their businesses. They can only do this if they start to trade their visits to different websites. Advertising credits can only be earned if you spend the time to surf the websites’ of other members.

Submission Works and WebBizInsider: Which Is Your Better Option?

  • Submission Works do not require you to trade your website visits. Unlike WebBizInsider where you are required to visit others’ websites, Submission Works will drive traffic into your links without asking you to go to other sites. The only site that you have to visit is Submission Works so you can sign up for your account. You do not even have to stay online and monitor Submission Works. Once you have completed your membership and paid for the $60 monthly fee, you have to provide seven links for Submission Works to promote. After you are done with these, you can go and spend your time with your family and friends. No more things to do just to promote your products and services.
  • Submission Works maximizes your earning potential by promoting seven of your links or websites. Your chances of getting a good income are limited when you can only promote your products and services in just one link. Submission Works will help you earn and attract more customers by advertising seven links. You do not have to pay separately. The promotion of all these links is already covered in the monthly fee of $60 that you will pay. Submission Works will certainly drive traffic without making you guess which is unlike WebBizInsider where you have to wonder if your website is indeed being promoted every time you view the links of other members.
  • Submission Works will not ask you to be a person with above average technical skills. You do not have to keep on wondering what technical techniques or strategies make other websites get a lot of traffic. Submission Works will promote your websites even if you are not well versed in computer programming. The only thing that you need is the knowledge on how you can navigate using a mouse and the information that you need to fill out on the registration forms. There is no boring geeky computer stuff when you register at Submission Works.

When you weigh the pros and the cons, Submission Works certainly emerged as the winner. There is no other program that can do what Submission Works can accomplish for your businesses. You can keep on trying and guessing what other programs can do or you can make your life easier and earn money only with Submission Works.


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