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SEOBook Versus Submission Works

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Do you want to be the best marketer that the online marketing industry has ever seen? If you really want to succeed, you have to realize that it takes more than equipping yourself with the knowledge of how things work in this industry. It is not just about the skills and the campaigns that you are running. It has a lot to do with the tools that you are using for promotion. What makes Submission Works the more attractive tool than SEOBook?

What Is SEOBook?

This is a famous online resource for those who want to learn and train about anything that is related to search engine optimization (SEO). Training materials are organized and offered to its members so they will learn how to use SEO in promoting their websites. Learning modules with videos are provided for an enhanced learning experience.

SEOBook Versus Submission Works

  • No SEO knowledge or technical experience is needed in Submission Works. Training is important but you have to understand that you need more than that to generate income. If you do not have the techie skills to grasp what SEO is all about then you will just end up confused with a program that cannot help. While you spend your time watching videos and reading modules in SEOBook, others are already getting a return for their investment in Submission Works. With Submission Works, you do not have to learn what SEO is all about and how you can use it to promote your site. So what if you do not have technical skills and you are not well versed in SEO? That will not stop your capacity to earn money if you use Submission Works. Just complete your registration which can be accomplished with the most basic knowledge in computers. It is simply knowing how you can use the mouse and how you can type information for the registration process.
  • $300 monthly fee for training versus $60 monthly fee for real results. Which sounds more attractive and reasonable? It is the $60 monthly fee of course. Why spend hundreds for a monthly fee that will get you nothing but training? That is what you will get when you sign up for SEOBook while you save a lot with a Submission Works monthly fee of $60. The fee that you pay for Submission Works will already drive the traffic that you want. It does not even cover the advertisement of one link only but the promotion of up to seven websites. With only $60, nothing can do better than Submission Works.
  • Submission Works are more user friendly than SEOBook. There are no technical skills needed, knowledge in SEO or anything else geeky before you get your links promoted. Just provide the links to Submission Works and they will bring it within reach of people who have access to the Internet.

Save your time and money by getting actual results that will change the figures in your bank account. Say goodbye to reading modules and watching videos. Do you really have to go through all of that just to earn money? You do not have to if you choose Submission Works in advertising your products and services.


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