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Sokule Versus Submission Works

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Do you want to get more people to see what you are offering? More importantly, do you want people to not just look at the products or services that you are promoting? Do you want them to start getting their wallets so they can take out their cards and pay for whatever it is that you are advertising? If you do, then you may have heard of a lot of programs online that are saying that they can accomplish all of that for you. This post will tell you about Sokule versus Submission Works so you will know which of these two will be more effective in attaining the goals that you set for your marketing campaigns.

What Is Sokule?

This is a kind of tool that streamlines the social media sites Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter into one for all of their members. The Sokule membership has different levels. You have the Free or the Basic membership, the Bronze, Bronze Plus, Silver, and the Gold levels. You have to upgrade if you really want to earn 50% commissions for every person you refer who will sign up for Sokule. This means that you have to go from a free or basic membership to a Gold, Silver, or Bronze so you can earn from your commissions.

What Makes Submission Works Way Cooler Than Sokule?

  • There is only one kind of membership in Submission Works. There is no need for an upgrade. What you read about and what you signed up for during the registration process is exactly what you get in Submission Works. It will not promise to drive traffic and bring you results then ask you to pay or get an upgrade. When you pay the $60 monthly fee at Submission Works, you do not have to pay an additional fee for any other upgrade before you earn money.
  • There is no more posting of messages to get the word out to your target audience in Submission Works. If you cannot think of any catchy message that you want your target market to be curious enough to go to your website, it is fine with Submission Works. You do not have to compose or post messages just to get people to see what you are offering. All you have to do is provide seven links to Submission Works after you signed up. Submission Works will do all the necessary promoting and advertising so your links are delivered to the individuals who are connected to the Internet. This means that you are not limited to the individuals who are only on social media sites. You can reach more people no matter what platforms or websites they are in if you start using Submission Works for your advertisement needs.

If you want people to know about your business and the products or services that you are offering, go for Submission Works which is way cooler than Sokule. You can promote everything that you want your potential customers to buy without any other upgrades or message posts. Submission Works are what you truly need to get people who are more than willing to pay for what your business can offer.


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