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5 For Free and Submission Works

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5 For Free refers to a marketing consultant company that allows its members to earn cash even while they are just learning the first steps on how to become an online marketer. When you sign up for a free membership, you automatically get $5 in your account. If you want to earn more, then you have to refer people to the 5 For Free program.

5 For Free program follows a “2 Up” system. The first two persons who you successfully referred into the 5 For Free program will be passed and considered as part of your upline. The next referrals that you make are the ones that will help you earn money. You get 25 cents for every personal referral that you make. On the second level, you get 10 cents for the referral while those on third level will help you get 15 cents.

If you do not like this “2 Up” system, you can try their Money Plug feature and pay $10 for it every month. In the Money Plug Feature, the first two referrals that will be made by the persons you referred into the 5 For Free program will be passed on to you. This means that you will have more referrals and more people on your list.

No matter what system or feature you tried in the 5 For Free program, you still need a lot of people to help you earn money. This is where Submission Works gets in the picture. Submission Works are the traffic generating tool that you need for 5 For Free.

You Can Get Rich With Submission Works…..

  • You can reach millions of people online. Submission Works can expose the referral links that were provided to you for the 5 For Free program. If you are thinking of sending these links one by one to your families and friends, think again. This will take a lot of time plus you only have a limited few or a low chance of getting them to join 5 For Free. You need immense exposure to people who are interested to earn their $5 for free. This exposure will only be provided if you use Submission Works. This tool can reach out to millions of people as long as they have access to the internet. No matter what search engine they use or website they frequently visit, Submission Works can get the 5 For Free referral links to them.
  • You get to spend $60 only for every month and this is already for the advertisement of seven websites. If you are also a member of other affiliate programs aside from 5 For Free, joining Submission Works is a great opportunity for you. These seven links can already be promoted all at the same time with Submission Works.

You will get more referrals if you put your trust on Submission Works. This is a legitimate tool that has never failed to please and make its promises a reality. If you are serious about getting more people to join the programs that you are promoting, let Submission Works help you.


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