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Alive Max and Submission Works

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Alive Max is a company that aims to improve the health of their consumers while at the same time helping people to earn more money. Trainings are held for those who want to become Alive Max distributors. There are seven ways for distributors to earn money with Alive Max.

The first way is through a welcome bonus of up to $8 once you refer the first three distributors who will be part of your own Alive Max team. The second way is to earn money through retail bonuses, a $15 profit for every bottle of Alive Max product sold. The third way involves the fast start bonus, a 20% of the business volume every time you enroll a new distributor or customer and he places his first order. The fourth way is to earn money through a 10% bonus of the bulk order bonus. The fifth way is to get up to $25 for your dual team building cycle bonus. The sixth way is for matching bonus and the seventh way for you to earn money is through leadership pools.

Are you feeling curious and interested to try out Alive Max because of these bonuses? If you are, then you have to make sure that you get a lot of distributors to be part of your own Alive Max team. This will ensure that you earn more income by getting higher bonuses. This will be made possible when you start using Submission Works when it comes to advertisements.

Increasing Your Profits by Using Submission Works Instead of Other Programs

  • Submission Works will bring the distributors or customers that you need by driving traffic to your Alive Max referral links. Once you have those links that will bring customers to Alive Max, you just have to make sure that these will be given the right exposure that they need so those links can become money. Submission Works can help you with that since it has the power to generate leads coming from different websites or platforms and even locations in the world. Whoever is online can be easily reached and exposed to your Alive Max referral or product links through Submission Works.
  • Submission Works are the only hands off program that can bring real results without making you worry about the money you invested. You only have to register for your account then input the Alive Max referral links that you want to be promoted to your potential distributors. Once those steps are done, you now go on hand off mode. There are no more links or buttons to click just to drive traffic to your websites. Submission Works will be the one to do all the promotional operations this time so that you can get the new customers or distributors that you need to earn Alive Max bonuses.

You will not find any other online tool that is capable of what Submission Works can do. With Submission Works, you are relaxed and stress free because you are sure that you are getting more potential customers and distributors to Alive Max. Feel what it is like making your business alive with customers and more money only with Submission Works.


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