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Chitika and Submission Works Work Together

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Chitika is a company that allows you to monetize your website through ad blocks that shows shopping links and product reviews. They offer an earning opportunity for you. You get paid when visitors click their ads. They give you sixty percent from the overall generated revenue from advertisers.

What You Need to Know About Chitika

Today, webmasters are seeking for ways in monetizing their website. The sad part is that Google Ad sense is not working for everyone. As of now, you have numerous options in site monetization. Regarding this matter, Chitika is a network that will pay you when visitors click ad product descriptions.

Chitika Ad block has pictures of the product, short description and rating. Visitors can find the best deals, and reviews. You will love the ad units on the site because you have ten different sizes to choose from. You can also customize the text, border, title and links. The ads are all enticing that gets lots of visitors.

Aside from their offers in earning money, you love their premium ads because its displays product based on the keyword that visitor’s type. You get instantly access the product you want to search. For more superb business, Chitika allows their members to track their CTR, impression, revenue and clicks.

Receive Higher Traffic by Using Submission Works

If you have a website that wants to get more traffic, Submission Works is your top solution. This software is very effective in driving you traffic that others cannot offer to you. For only 60 dollars, you fully access their platform which gives you more chance in getting visitors.

When you log in and go to their member’s area, you need to insert 7 URL’s. The URL’s will be used in promoting your business. In fact, you can promote any business you have whether it’s about squeeze pages and splash pages. This system can give you massive traffic that makes sure about providing you huge sales.

At first, you will think that Submission Works is like other services that can give you traffic but as you check their sales page, you will wonder because it is not glamorous like other tools. You can’t see any fancy designs, superb pictures but you must not focus on this instead focus on what the software is all about.

If you’re done with monetizing your website, you also need to bring huge traffic. The software asks you a price that is suited to your budget. They will never give you problems and they don’t allow you to gamble. They will not allow you to waste your money but makes sure to give you the right direction.

If you are not satisfied with how Submission Works, you can cancel your account anytime. They will not ask you to ay anything or pay a cancellation fee. Regardless, you can use the software in promoting your Chitika account to earn more. Overall, there is nothing wrong when you would like to become part of Submission Works because you are assured to get all the things you need. The platform of the system was superb and its features are unique.


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