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Massive Downlines in Your Deal Barbie Pays Account Through Submission Works

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Deal Barbie Pays is superb GPT site. Online, they are one of the sites that have the highest payouts. They paid out more than $583,000.00. This software has been around since 2006. You will love them because they are very unique.

How you can Earn With Deal Barbie Pays

There are several offers that are applicable to you from free up to shopping. If you complete one of their offers, you receive massive money ranging from $35 up to $80. The time you register with this system, you will be given $3 and referrals are also applicable.

Percentage of Referring on Deal Barbie Pays

  • 15% of active level 1 referrals
  • 3% of active level 2 referrals
  • 2% of active level 3 referrals

The minimum payout for Deal Barbie Pays is $20. The payment method options are check, Pay Pal and several gift cards. If you reach the minimum, you can request for payout at the end of the month but you receive your payment by 25th the next month.

Aside from the referrals, you can also earn through watching videos, completing offers and completing tasks. Their wall offer includes Virool, BLVD, Matomy, Crowd Flower, Rvsnapp, Payment Wall, Radio Loyalty and Super Rewards.

Deal Barbie Pays was former owned by Serfini, Christina but it was taken by Norris, Barbara in 2010. The sister site of this system is Anything Free 4 You. The fact is that this legit site will be moved to the elite list because they do not have delays in paying and no issues.

Pros of Deal Barbie Pays

  • Paying
  • Forum
  • Established
  • Unlimited referrals
  • All countries are accepted
  • Fixed cashout

Cons of Deal Barbie Pays

  • Must log in to access the forum
  • Details required

Deal Barbie Pays is the safest site you can have for creating income but you need to abide by their terms because they have no tolerance in cheating. Also, if you want to boost your income through referring, try Submission Works.

Submission Works is new marketing system started by Brandon Wheeler. When it comes to advertising, it’s hard to make a name for yourself most especially on the internet. This is the reason why this system exists. You receive lots of traffic with the tool but this is not the only thing you get because you can still use the software in promoting your Deal Barbie Pays link online.

If you promote your Deal Barbie Pays links online, you have a high chance on receiving many sign ups. You have brilliant idea the time you choose Submission Works because it gives you massive sales. They have the ability in persuading millions of users to become your downlines. To start getting many downlines, you need to place seven links. You also need to settle the fee every month to continuously access the power of Submission Works.

Submission Works is amazing system to help you with advertising and if you want to receive massive hits in your site, this system is your answer. They handle the endorsing stuff wherein you just need to make an account now!


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