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Opinion Outpost Versus Submission Works: Who Gets the Best Payout Income?

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There are plenty of things that online users can do in order to gain extra income while at the comfort of their homes. Two of the most popular part-time jobs online or by answering paid surveys and maintaining a specific-themed website. Opinion outpost is a popular online survey panel where people are paid in answering surveys. On the other hand, Submission Works is an advertising tool that helps increase traffic on the site, which returns a high yield of money. Who gets the best income return?

Answering Surveys with Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is a type of a survey research panel where people sign up and begin taking surveys in order to get paid. Surveys are popular online because there are a lot of companies that want to know feedbacks about their products and services coming from their consumers. Every other hour, Opinion Outpost sends surveys on the Inbox. Members can start answering the surveys. Moreover, they are asked to screen the questions to see if it’s qualified or not. Once the survey is completely answered, the person is compensated with the number of points and the amount corresponding on the survey. On the other hand, there are offering mini games and contests, which give the members the chance of winning a dollar up to fifteen dollars on the mini games. The income can be withdrawn through PayPal, Citi Debit Card programs and Amazon gift card codes. This has proven to be legitimate. It has no scams, no sign up fees required or even closing of the account.

Increasing Website Traffic through Submission Works

Submission Works is an effective advertising tool that helps promote the website all over the Internet. It can certainly generate more traffic, which is equivalent to more money from Internet marketing campaigns. Individuals who maintain websites must become a member and pay a monthly fee of $60. Then, they are entitled to promote seven sites. It could be sales pages, affiliate links, website links, and other websites of choice. The tool will do the rest of the work. Registered individuals will get to notice results after a week or two, as evidenced by increased traffic and augmented income return. What’s great with this tool is that people don’t need to strive hard in order to earn real money online. Other advantages of Submission Works include ease of use, no technical skills needed, and there are no tasks required in order to gain a substantial amount of money.

The Verdict

With Opinion Outpost, the online user is required to work hard in answering surveys and play mini games in order to be paid according to its price. Unfortunately, no one will experience big yield of money by just answering the surveys. In fact, it may not also reach the minimum wage pay. However, members of Submission Works claimed that they earn substantial amount of money without doing anything. Selecting seven links to be promoted online is the only task that members should do, and the tool will do the rest of the work.

Based on the comparison between two mediums, Submission Works is better than Opinion Outpost. Try Submission Works right now and enjoy the benefits it offers to attain extra income online.


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