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Earn Great Profits at Treasure Trooper with the Help of Submission Works

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If you are one of the people who desperately need to earn more than their regular salary or business income, worry no more now that there are online extra income options like Treasure Trooper. There are lots of amazing things about Treasure Trooper that any other online money making platforms can’t provide. There are absolutely no gimmicks or any hidden agenda that could take advantage of your interest in these enticing offers.

A Closer Look at the Treasure Trooper Program

Treasure Trooper is an online system that opens doors to internet users all over the world who are willing and ready to do simple tasks for sponsoring advertisers in exchange for good commissions. All you need to join this program for a full membership is to visit the Treasure Trooper site and create an account by keying in your complete name, e-mail address, password, other contact details, and payment info. The commissions you could get from a task ranges from $0.50 up to $50. It basically depends on the difficulty of the task.

How Cash Outs are made at Treasure Trooper

Each time you complete a task, just indicate its completion and add it to your list of ‘Pending Offers’ by clicking its corresponding ‘Done’ button. Once your accomplished task has been verified, it will be moved to the list of your ‘Approved Offers’ and your commission will be automatically deposited to your account. Other than the commission, your completed and approved tasks also entitle you for gold coins that can be collected to redeem special rewards.

Cash outs are done via online payment transfer indicated in your payment info. You need to reach and maintain a balance of at least $20 so you can cash out your earnings anytime through the Instant Payment feature. You may also prefer to wait from the 15th until the 20th of the month for automatic cash outs.

What’s More Treasure Trooper Has to Offer?

To further maximize your earnings at Treasure Trooper, you may join its referral program where all you have to do is to invite friends the join your team. You get 20% additional profit from your direct referral’s task earnings. You also receive 5% of the earnings of your indirect referrals.

Another way to boost your income is to join and win Treasure Trooper’s contest games like the Dragon Lair and Treasure Hunts. The gold coins you receive from your completed tasks can be used to receive items that will help your way through the contest.

Submission Works for Faster and Much Higher Profits

Do you want to earn much higher profits but don’t have enough time to accommodate multiple tasks for advertisers? Well, Submission Works is all you need! It is a highly advanced traffic generator online program that can automate the various tasks needed for promoting the advertiser’s site under your account. Other than that, you could also make use of Submission Works for promoting your referral link so that you could effortlessly build a great down line team in just a short span of time. Just check out Submission Works’ official site for more details and inquiries.


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