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PTC-Refback and Submission Works: A Quick Comparison

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There are a number of online promotion sites that offer effective advertising solutions to businesses and extra income opportunities for online people. The problem is that there are now too many of them that do not really work the way they market themselves to businesses and online members. That is why as a smart internet user, you have to deal an online promotion site that has never failed to deliver only the best results to its business advertisers and incomparable benefits to its online members. In this case, the name you can definitely count on is PTC-Refback.

How PTC-Refback Comes Up with Effective Advertising Results

There are two ways that advertisers benefit from the PTC-Refback site. First is the placement of graphic ads on the main page of its project with the help of high-end traffic generation system and other internet marketing tools to capture a huge pool of prospects for the client. The second is by managing a team of online clickers that will actually visit the client’s business sites and manually create sign-ups. These clickers are also members of the PTC-Refback referral program wherein they get commissions with every affiliate member or referral they introduce to the system. This simply means that as more and more clickers work for a business’ advertising needs, the number of prospects that come to the business’ site.

Submission Works: A Competing Innovative Online Advertising Solution

In contrast with PTC-Refback, Submission Works is an online promotion program that offers effective advertising results without the need of affiliate members. It is rather a jam-packed advertising tool system that simply requires advertisers to subscribe and enter the links they want to promote online. Each subscriber is entitled to promote up to seven links at a time. With its systematic operation, Submission Works can effectively capture the attention of the right niche in different parts of the globe, which then results to massive generation of quality prospects in just a short span of time. Even beginners in online promotion can easily adhere to this promising software because it does not require any technical or internet marketing knowledge and experience just to get started.

Head to Head Competition: PTC-Refback vs Submission Works

In their own ways, both PTC-Refback and Submission Works can assure their advertisers to achieve nothing but utmost advertising performance. PTC-Refback, however, is relatively manual and traditional in terms of advertising. Still, it is of great help for people looking for an opportunity to make money over the web. Meanwhile, Submission Works could be more preferable for advertisers that need fast and accurate results. It may not directly provide a source of income for freelancers, but it can be used by smart internet users to deliver traffic generation solutions in behalf of businesses for some profits.

Both are considered outstanding solutions for online advertising. Both have already helped and satisfied a lot of internet advertisers and businesses. Yet, you have to carefully choose which of them suits perfectly to your own advertising needs. See reviews and testimonials to help your selection among these two amazing internet promotion programs.


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