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Taking Another Look at DealGuardian and Submission Works

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DealGuardian is referred to by many as a place for marketers who are after a review based marketplace. It operates just like a Closed Digital Ecosystem (CLD) like the way that the popular Amazon, iTunes, Kindle, iOS app store, and Mac App Store are. With DealGuardian, you can either be an independent author or an affiliate.

As an independent author at DealGuardian, you can sell the digital products that you created via their site. You do not have to worry because DealGuardian will be the one to take care of selling those items so you can get paid immediately. In case you are not interested in signing up as an independent author, you have the option to be an affiliate.

If you become as an affiliate of DealGuardian, you have a lot of choices when it comes to the digital products that you will promote. You just have to obtain the link of the product of your choice and advertise it so you can get paid. This is where Submission Works can be of great help to you as a DealGuardian affiliate.

Promoting DealGuardian Products With Submission Works

Promoting the affiliate links to the DealGuardian products are very simple when you do it with Submission Works. You will get a lot of benefits with this program that are not offered in other advertising services online. Here are a few of them.

First, you get to promote up to seven DealGuardian products via Submission Works. This program supports the advertisement of multiple affiliate links in a single account. With this, you can easily promote and advertise the DealGuardian links that you have selected by the people who will find them very attractive and difficult to resist.

These people can be reached by Submission Works. Whether they belong to a big or a small group who have very specific preferences, Submission Works can promote the DealGuardian products to them. You can easily get paid with the links that you are advertising via Submission Works since you are reaching more people at the same time.

Time is not something that you have to worry about as well. You no longer have to feel problematic about it especially when you want to get maximum promotions for the seven DealGuardian affiliate links that you have selected. You can still spend your time away from work because Submission Works will be the one to deal with the promotions of all these links.

The payment that you will get through the promotion of these DealGuardian product links will depend on how hard you promote them. This does not mean that you do have to spend all of your days doing that. You can let Submission Works handle this part of your business. You can earn a lot with DealGuardian without exerting a lot of effort in terms of promoting those links. Where else can you get to feel this advantage? You can only do that with Submission Works as your friend when advertising DealGuardian affiliate or product links.


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