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Real Result and High Cash: Bitly and Submission Works

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Bitly is formerly known as This is bookmarking and URL shortening service that was owned by Bitly Incorporation and their CEO is Peter Stern. The truth is that, Bitly was very famous on micro blogging site Twitter.

Bitly replaced Tiny URL and because of the superb competition about this offer, many companies shut down because they are having a hard time to compete with this world famous URL shortening service. Aside from this offer, the company is providing tools for their members to know who click their links. Plus, the company behind this excellent service launched alike service but it is focused on online videos.

On October 12 2010, this system announced that their members can now start to automatically accumulate QR codes that when it is scanned to the mobile QR reader, it directs the users to shorten links. If you have lots of business and you want to manage it perfectly, use Bitly.

Real Time Tracking With Bitly

Bitly uses redirection service together with real time URL tracking. This tool is available through browser extensions, site, multiple third party tools and mobile web. If you want to shorten your URL, choose from their more than ten thousand customized URL’s

Bitly: Its Offers

  • Shortening long URL’s and track the result page
  • Real time analytics and click stats
  • Custom short domain
  • Can be used anywhere on the web
  • Customized link keywords

Moreover, if you want more visits and boost your business, choose Submission Works. There are lots of talks and praises about this tool. If it’s your first time to know about this tool, you will be impressed and amaze to what it gives to you.

You can use Submission Works together with your Bitly account. Once you shorten your links and want them to expose on the internet, this system will help you in the process. If before you talk to people just to order, then you will no longer need this. If you make an account on Submission Works, you’re in a good place online. The software promotes your Links in order for you to have more money. If you never had six figures before, you can now have it with this tool.

Submission Works: New Traffic Generating System

There are plenty of traffic services and may be there are thousands. In this case, choosing is difficult because you need to check each of them to know if they’re legit. You will spend one month but still you have not checked all of them. If you don’t want this process, better to have the service of Submission Works.

If you are not sure if this software is working, you can check some views about it. There are thousands of hundreds of reviews you can read about Submission Works. This means that this system exists and working.

Submission Works lessens your workload. If you are working every day just to have many visitors, you are tired and all of your precious time was wasted in front of your computer. At the end of the day, you only get five or ten visitors but if you want to make your work easy, register on Submission Works.


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