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Partnering Universal Private Banking to Submission Works: Multiply Your Investment

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Universal Private Banking describes them as an international financial institution that specializes in wealth management and investment. The company doesn’t provide any details about who is the owner or runs the system but the clear thing is that their domain name is known as “”.

Universal Private Banking said they operate in Massachusetts but they are not registered as a corporation in the said place. For online marketers, they said that this is an MLM company.

Product Line of Universal Private Banking

When you are part of Universal Private Banking, they do not give you any products or services because they said that you will not do any selling process instead they offer you banking services as their affiliates.

When you sign up, you have a bank account together with Universal Banking MasterCard that will be delivered on your address. The card you get is very usable because it allows you to use it for more than two hundred countries with no restrictions.

Compensation Plan of Universal Private Banking

The compensation plan of Universal Private Banking revolves with their affiliate depositing money along with instant commissions paid by recruiting and banking activities of your affiliates.  For you to qualify in their commissions, you need to publish 1 Universal Private Banking every day. When it comes to their affiliates, the company pays you when you recruit and bring them on the site. The commission you get depends on the membership level your affiliate will choose.

  • Simple: 5 dollar
  • Personal: 25 dollar
  • Business:  100 dollar
  • Universal: 1,000 dollar
  • Private: 2,000 dollar

When you use your card in cashing out, Universal Private Banking collects fees. The collected fees will be paid back to company affiliates via commission pool.  You should know that opening account on the program is a bit high and when you join them, you need to invest $20 to have a position. It is not clear whether the fee is permanent or not but you can still choose the company to begin your journey as a marketer.

Establishing Business? Call Submission Works

If you want to start with Universal Private Banking it’s not a bad idea and if you want to have more commissions, using Submission Works is not also a bad choice. The fact is that this is software that is using by guru marketers. They trust this system because of what it gives to them.

If you want to be sure to get the investment you put with Universal Private Banking, use Submission Works because it guarantees that you can multiply your money. When it comes to referring, you shall not worry because the tool will promote your links to people. It makes sure it will target people who are seeking for ways to make an income.

Finally, Submission Works is every marketers need in their business. If you are an intelligent marketer, you know what next step you need to do and that is to sign up. If you want to recruit hundreds or perhaps thousands of users for you to have huge cash on your bank account, you should not think twice in having Submission Works.


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