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Submission Works: Best Help for Your Clix Trac

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Clix Trac is link tracking and free banner service allowing you in keeping track your links and advertisements. The unique service of this system can also be used in tracking your advertisements. You can track text and image ads so that you have an idea on how many numbers of clicks and impressions you get. You also have the opportunity to track your sales conversions to views which of your ads drives more sales.

Aside from text ad tracking and banner tracking you get from the service, Clix Trac gives you URL tracking service that allows you in tracking your URL you have set up. This is great system you can use if you are using affiliate marketing or you have long links that you want to shorten so that it will look better.

Shorter URL is Better Than Long URL’s

It is better if you have a shorter URL because it looks neat. When you are doing marketing, it is better to use shorter links than long ones for the reason that users know what real links and what affiliate links are. If you want to get more visitors and you do not want that people will not know that it is an affiliate URL, better to ask the service of Clix Trac.

When you use Clix Trac, it hides your affiliate URL helping you to have more earnings. Using the system is so easy because you only need to insert your URL and the program will do the process for you

Why to Use Clix Trac?

Using Clix Trac will lessen your promotional efforts. They also help you to know what ads you will keep and what you should not. Also, they help you to improve your ads wording and ad design to boost your sales potentials. Here are benefit and features you get from the system.

  • Control panel that easy to use
  • Manage your campaigns and ads from any PC
  • Generate viral traffic with their built in feature
  • You do not need to download or install
  • No scripts
  • Tracks impressions and clicks
  • Tacks your links suing your email
  • Track your banners
  • Create a custom domain name

If you want to expose more your advertisement or you are involved on affiliate programs, the best way to promote your links and ads is through Submission Works. This system will give you real results and effectively endorse all your offers.

Submission Works is powerful turnkey system suited to your business. It serves as your automatic generator system that exposes your business to millions of people worldwide. If your concern is about traffic, the tool can provide it to you. It’s so easy to get started on Submission Works. You just sign up; submit seven links and your job is done. When it comes to the overall work and tasks, the software will do it.

Before you can endorse your links, it must be approved by the saturation checker. If it’s approved, you can proceed on submitting your next links until you insert all the seven needed links. Lastly, after two weeks of becoming a member of Submission Works, you can see the results you are waiting for.


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