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The CEO and the founder of Nerium is Jeff Olson. This person is also the founder of Peoples Network. This company is located in Addison, Texas that was launched in the year 2011.   This system is comprised with broad team and experienced founders. In fact, they have more than 150 years of combined expertise in the industry of Relationship Marketing.

Nerium is committed in giving their brand partners the most leading marketing systems, superb compensation plan and excellent recognition programs. They also provide leadership development content to their members.

Products of Nerium

Nerium markets an international age defying skin care. It contains extract of oleander plant. The scientists of the company make sure that it will be effective. When they are in the process, they make sure that they still preserve the benefits and unique properties. They make sure to formulate a one of a kind age defying product line that they can offer to the world.

How to Join on Nerium

  • Sign up as their distributor ( they refer their distributors as their and partners)
  • Participate in their auto ship program. In other words you need to agree about the amount of their product per month.
  • Maintain an active three paying customers every month. If you have minimum three customers, you get the product for free
  • Fast start qualify for the first one month
  • Sponsor other distributors

Compensation Plan of Nerium

One of the ways in making money with Nerium is by getting retail customers. This customer will purchase your product by not being part of the company or their brand partners, the company offer skin care products.

The products retail 110 dollars. If you bring a customer to the site and that person buy one bottle for 110 dollars, then the program will pay you 30 dollars. This means that you earn more than 27% commission.

If the person you bring enroll as a preferred customer, then they get the product for only 80 dollars for each bottle. For this, they need to enroll in the company auto ship and agree to order one bottle every month. The commission you get depends on what is your level in the Nerium comp plan.

Try Submission Works

If you want to get more customers by exposing your business on the internet, use Submission Works. This software primarily focuses on generating traffic but it is also your help in promoting your Nerium business worldwide.

Submission Works is very effective in exposing your links. You are guaranteed to get many customers and huge commissions because this system will market your offer. It makes sure that its target the customers who have interest on age defying products and interested to buy one bottle of your product.

Submission Works is your answer to make thousands of dollars. It promotes your links online and ensures you receive many customers every day. You will be happy in using this software because it gives real results. Fill out the form and have your own account on Submission Works now!


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