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Guaranteed Traffic: Submission Works or Safelist Extreme?

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Safelist Extreme is advertising system that works for you. You can join them for free and give you 50,000 ad credits. You can also be benefited from their safelist system, check this out.

  • Simple mailer: When you use their simple mailer, you can send your advertisements to their entire list every five days. This feature is excellent because it allows you to mail most especially if you do not have any credits in your account.
  • Credit based mailer: With this mailer, you can mail your campaigns from safelist one time every five days for free members but if you are a paid member, you can have more. 1 credit is equivalent to 1 person. You instantly get 50,000 credits by joining this program.

You can also earn when you read emails and when you refer. You have the chance in choosing the credits you want to use. This mailer benefits you much because you can save your credits and use it for other purposes like promoting your business.

Guaranteed Visitors in Safelist Extreme

You are also guaranteed that people will visit your website. You earn credits when you read the ads of other members but it is important that you visit their site and view their ads for twenty seconds so that the credits will be credited to your account. They have special script that checks on your site to be sure you are getting high visitors.

Free Banner Posting on Safelist Extreme

You can post many banners on Safelist Extreme. You can post as many as you want. The banners you submit will be displayed as long as you maintain to have credits. This system offers mail solution in order to satisfy you. You love the traffic you get from them.

Regardless, the offer of Safelist Extreme is wise because you can promote your ads and get traffic by earning credits but not all the time that you have credits. With that in mind, it is better if you have excellent software that can be your help all the time and that is Submission Works.

Submission Works: Excellent Traffic Software

Submission Works gives you instant traffic. If Safelist Extreme can, Submission Works do better. On increasing your visitors, there is a solution for it. By using this turnkey system, you do not need to exert too much effort in generating traffic.

You have an easy life with Submission Works because it does not ask you have experience. You will not have difficulty is using the control panel of this system because it gives everything you need. You will not also set up anything because their platform is ready to use.

With the hosted system, you can monitor the results but it is necessary that you place your links. You need to have patience in waiting for results for a short period of time. With this tool, you are using the tool in paying the monthly fee because the money it gives to you are thousands of dollars. The hosted software is available for all people that want to earn money in just short period of time.


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